With A Co-Sign From A$AP Rocky, Robert Gallardo Is On A Mission To Change The Relationship Between Art & Social Media Forever


On May 10, A$AP Rocky left many of his Instagram followers in a state of confusion when the Harlem rapper began uploading blank images on his timeline. According to reports, the strange posts caused Rocky to lose close to 100,000 followers, but those IG users that stuck around were eventually able to view the “L$D” performer’s social media page transform into a series of abstract collages.

“This new experience is brought to you by Robert Gallardo and AWGE,” wrote Rocky in the caption for the initial all-white IG picture. Gallardo is the visual artist that assisted A$AP Rocky in turning the rap star’s Instagram into a digital art gallery.

Gallardo’s own IG page is an exhibition of his creative works which draw inspiration from Hip Hop culture, video games, classic cartoons, and pop art. The craftsman’s unique aesthetic complimented Rocky’s particular artistic tone which led to their collaboration.

The two creative forces partnered together to forge a social media presentation that included over 160 photos. Like the Great Pyramid of Giza, once those pieces were placed in proper order a timeless monument to the human imagination and perception was left behind for the world to see.

Robert Gallardo took the time to provide AllHipHop.com backstory to his A$AP Rocky Instagram collage pieces. The multi-talented artisan also discusses the acknowledgment of Hip Hop influenced art by the high art community, some of his favorite rappers, and more.

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Can you just talk about how you got your start in creating art?

I was always artistically inclined but never took it seriously. Just like sketching in class and throwing it away right after. I became an “artist” at the end of 2013, beginning of 2014 when my big homie told me he could print my work on canvas. I started selling my work in January 2014.

How did you first connect with A$AP Rocky?

I connected with Rocky through the Internet. I made a piece to honor the late A$AP Yams. Rocky saw it and reached out. We got to work immediately.

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Check out Gallardo’s Instagram artwork featuring A$AP Rocky in the gallery below.

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