Jeremih: Pronounced Je Ruh My

Its 8pm in Los Angeles and Jeremih and 50 Cent have just made it into production for the video “Down On Me,” the latest and hottest collaboration from the young R&B singer and the G-Unit general. caught up with the Chicago-native to get the latest on his new album and recent success. Jeremih: Hey, […]

Its 8pm in Los Angeles and Jeremih and 50 Cent have just made it into production for the video “Down On Me,” the latest and hottest collaboration from the young R&B singer and the G-Unit general. caught up with the Chicago-native to get the latest on his new album and recent success.

Jeremih: Hey, what’s going on Jaiden? What’s up bro, what’s good with ya?

Jeremih: Just chillin, chillin dog. Just touched down in L.A. I heard you were gonna be busy after the Soul Train Awards, but I ain’t know you would be getting it in like this?

Jeremih: Yeah man, I’m not complaining though. No doubt, success is definitely a blessing. I gotta tell you, it’s been a highly successful year for you bro.

Jeremih: Oh yes, this is definitely a phenomenal year man. So let’s skip this year and rewind back to last year, so I’m hearing this song all over Atlanta, every radio station, in the malls, and even at the red lights; everyone was bumping ” Birthday Sex.” I was like who in the heck is this cat that is tearing up the airwaves like this?

Jeremih: (Laughs) I’m like who is Jeremih? I found out, but people were calling you Jeremiah, and that’s not how you pronounce your name.

Jeremih: Yeah, a lot of people have mispronounced it. It’s actually Jeremih (je ruh my). Cool, so now that we have that straight, allow me to congratulate you on your debut success. And I have to ask you, were you nervous at all about the your new project?

Jeremih: Nah, you know the first project was very well received and the people, especially the ladies, supported me heavily. So this time around I’m anticipating even more support from newer fans who are here, by way of my current fans. But I wasn’t nervous at all, you know…music is what I do. I live it, breathe it; music is me. I actually look at it from the perspective of me being able to do what I love to do and simultaneously, financially support myself. So I wasn’t nervous…if anything I’m more so excited to be able to give my fans a new experience on this album and glad that the world gets to hear my music and share in my experiences. Ok, so how do the experiences differ from that of your first LP?

Jeremih: Well, it’s been an incredible year dawg, you know? One minute I’m making beats, and the next I’m hearing my songs in the club. I’m traveling all over the world meeting new people and doing things that I never knew I’d be doing. So it has been an amazing transition and it’s all because God allowed people to feel me; so I’m actually dedicating this new LP to my fans. My way of musically saying, “Thank You.” Man, I knew there was something different about you when you made your debut on 106th and Park. I was like, “Ok cool, right?” And the lights come on and you were rocking out with the piano and I was like, “(Applause), this is true entertainment.”

Jeremih: Thank you dawg, I have been playing the piano since I can remember, and I was glad that the world could see what makes me different, the thing that makes the distinguishment between an artist and a musician. I’m so comfortable playing the piano and I know my fans could understand why I have the tattoos on my right arm. I try to incorporate the piano into as many of my shows as I can. Absolutely, in this day and age, we’re accustomed to an era that manufactures clone type artists that have no uniqueness; so to experience an artist such as yourself, definitely sets you apart. So let’s jump into right now-you have the joint “I Like ” with my fellow Atlantaien Ludacris that was well received, and of course, the bangin’ new hit “Down On Me” that made it’s way to the coveted number 4 spot on Itunes.

Jeremih: Yes, things are definitely great right now, you know Ludacris and 50 Cent are artists that I grew up wanting to work with, so to now have hit records with them is awesome dawg! Especially considering the fact that I didn’t have any features on my first album, it was all me, and I think I speak for all artists when I say it’s nothing like walking into a club, or in your car, and hearing your music, and of course songs that you have with artists that you aspired to work with. That can be a little mind blowing.

Jeremih: Yeah, you know when it’s meant to be, that’s how it works. I was just excited to work with another musician that I both respected and admired. I had no idea that we’d be making a hit That’s official right there though homie. So I have been hearing that your musical brand is so hot right now- 50 and Luda aren’t the only collabs you have right now? The word is that calls are pouring in from everywhere?

Jeremih: Yeah, it is a blessing and it feels great to still be a relatively new artist and have people responding and reaching out. So yeah, I have the Keenan Cahill joint, and then a joint ” Don’t Deserve You ” with Lloyd Banks that we’re actually performing together on a few dates. Yo, when I tell you that joint is hot- I’m saying if I heard the song and it wasn’t me on it, I would still be banging it( ha,ha). So how did you and Lloyd connect?

Jeremih: How Lloyd and I hooked up was crazy, I was in New York, met Lloyd that morning and that night I was in the studio recording. Wow,talk about making it happen.

Jeremih: Yes sir, that’s how we riding dawg. Bet. I can dig it. So things are blazing right now, the second LP is burning up. What can we expect from this album more so that was different from the Jeremih we first met?

Jeremih: Honestly, a lot of growth, as I said before. I just have so many more experiences that I speak about, being that I have so many new things in my life. For instance, I have a songs that are reminiscent of different club and show experiences, just a lot of new experiences. Bet. I’m definitely grabbing about 50 copies to give away at Christmas.

Jeremih: Ha,Ha. Thanks Dawg Most definitely welcome. So I know you gotta bounce in a little bit. Can we get into the video for a second?

Jeremih: Yeah, I’m actually in L.A. with 50, preparing to shoot the video for the single “Down On Me.” I actually just made it to L.A. to get prepped you know. Now, I know you’re shooting a video. Didn’t you have something on YouTube for the single?

Jeremih: Yeah, we had a video that did crazy hits on YouTube, so many hits. 50 was like, “Yoooo (ha,ha).” But that a teaser that we created exclusively for the fans. Being that the response was so huge, the video that we’re shooting now is the official video for the single. Well again, thanks for taking time to sit down and giving us the happs on what’s new with you and your new project.

Jeremih: Anytime bro. Oh yeah, also you have a wonderful supportive team behind you, from your management to PR. So ya’ll keep grinding and doing the damn thing, ‘cause ya’ll are definitely doing it. Much Success and blessings to you bro.

Jeremih: Thanks Dawg!