Kevin Hart is a “Narcissist”, Says New Rap Video Aimed at Comedian

Rapper Takes Shots at Kevin Hart in New Music Video

Superstar comedian Kevin Hart seems to be taking over the world, as he prepares to release his fourth stand up special “Let Me Explain”.

In a newly released video, an unknown rapper going by the name The American Antagonist created a song titled “Narcissist” and felt it fitting to describe Kevin Hart’s new image.

In a video description, the rapper says:

“Every competitive person has a narcissistic side to them. Kevin Hart is one of the most competitive people I’ve ever seen. His drive and focus is the reason why he is #1 at what he does. He inspired me to create this song. “The Narcissist” is giving yourself the push, the energy, the confidence to tell yourself “I’m the best!”

Watch the video below: