Leigh Bush- "Series 3187"


Just in time for his 28th birthday (March 1), Leigh Bush released a four-track project entitled “Series 3187.”

I like It, I love It – “It’s a very sensual record. We’re in a era where we can be direct and bold, and I appreciate the bluntness of the record. It’s definitely in your face.”

Put It Down – “I’ve always had an appreciation for records that showcase passion and vulnerability. Reminiscent of the classic R.Kelly and the early “The Dream” reign. It’s necessary.”

Got Damn – “It’s my personal favorite. I’ve been conflicted with what I want and what my lover wants. Timing is everything and I feel like it’s so honest and transparent that the consumers can’t help but respect it. Career vs. love sometimes causes an unexplainable disconnect. Closure isn’t always found yet the effort must be initiated.”

Too Late – “As men we feel as though we have a lifetime to fulfill the needs and desires of a woman. Failing to realize that every woman has a breaking point. There’s a such thing as “Too Late.” And once too much time has passed it becomes difficult to reconcile the hurt and pain I once caused.”

Take a listen to the project below: