New Music: Jodeci "Every Moment"


The Bad Boys of R&B aka iconic R&B group Jodeci have released their new single “Every Moment.” After a reunion performance at the 2014 Soul Train Awards, where they also debuted their first new single “Nobody Wins”, this is another sweet treat for die hard Jodeci fans. Sticking to the signature Jodeci sound, the mad band brings back that timeless music with sound production and lush harmony. The record offers a ’90s nostalgic R&B vibe that takes one back to the golden era of R&B. The quartet shows their love for their significant other as they croon “My sweetest moments are when you are here with me, and girl you can get it, anytime you want it”

The 1990’s garnered many R&B groups but none quite like Jodeci. It was an era dominated by New Jack Swing where Jodeci married R&B soul and Hip Hop to create a sound that is classic and timeless even today. It’s easy to see why so many fans are excited about the release of their new single. “Every Moment” is now on iTunes. Take a listen below.