The Last Word: Good News About Rihanna (Finally), Ne-Yo In a Lawsuit, and Stevie Wonder on Dancing With the Stars?

What’s good, everybody? This week proved to have a lot going on as A-Rod admits to using steroids, the man over the company that put out the salmonella infected peanut butter issues a no comment while appearing before the Senate, banking CEOs catching it during another Senate hearing and Chris Brown experiencing the fallout from […]

What’s good, everybody? This week proved to have a lot going

on as A-Rod admits to using steroids, the man over the company that put out the

salmonella infected peanut butter issues a no comment while appearing before

the Senate, banking CEOs catching it during another Senate hearing and Chris

Brown experiencing the fallout from allegations that he beat up his girlfriend



Get well wishes for Usher’s wife, Tameka Raymond, who is

recuperating after suffering complications from cosmetic surgery in Brazil.

Congratulations to Tiger Woods and his wife on the birth of their new baby boy.

Shout out to the sounding boards for seizing the day in order to rule the



Happy Valentine’s Day in advance for all those in like, love

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Check it out now…the Last Word for the week ending Feb. 13,



1. Rihanna Steps Up for 5-Year-old Fan


With all the talk about her alleged beating at the hands of

Chris Brown, there seems to be nothing else Rihanna has done this week to

generate headlines. But the songbird is putting her fame to good use as People reports that Ri-Ri is making an effort to help a

5-year-old fan find a bone marrow donor.


Jas Jasmina Anema is suffering from acute leukemia, a rare

and aggressive form of the disease. Despite undergoing chemotherapy, DKMS rep

Katharina Harf says a bone marrow transplant is “the only chance for her

survival. This is a very serious situation.”


Upon hearing about Jasmina, Rihanna immediately felt the

need to help the young girl, who is a huge fan of the singer. However, it may

be a challenge to find a bone marrow match in light of Jasmina being



“It is so unfair that for a Black patient it’s so much

harder to find a bone marrow match,” Rihanna told People. “Leukemia is the most common disease children

in the U.S. die of and we need to change that,” the vocalist continued.

“I urge everyone to sign up as a bone marrow donor with DKMS. If we have

more donors, we can save more children like Jasmina.”


“For African-Americans, it’s so much harder to find a

bone marrow match because they are underrepresented in the registry

worldwide,” Harf added as she urged people to sign up as bone marrow



Those interested in seeing if they’re a match for Jasmina

can ask for a donor kit from DKMS. Once you obtain the kit, just do a cheek

swab and mail the kit back to DKMS. For details on how to help Jasmina, visit


2. Steve

Harvey Asks Kat Williams for a Grown-Ass Conversation


Throughout his career, Steve Harvey has made many friends

and stepped on few toes. But it seems that the comedian’s troubles with fellow

comic Katt Williams are remaining front and center as Williams went in on

Harvey during a New Year’s Eve performance in Detroit.


Both entertainers were on hand to do their respective stand

up at the event. Williams’ dislike of Harvey was voiced loud and clear a week prior

to the show as he insulted Harvey while promoting the performance. The conflict

came to a head as Katt used his set to get on Steve’s physical appearance and

talent as a comic, among other things.


And while Katt continues his beef, Harvey is wondering why

the comic has him in his sights.


“He went up there for 40 minutes and not only talked

about me, but Jamie Foxx and a couple of other people,” Harvey told EUR’s

Lee Bailey. “It was just a really, really disrespectful show. If you say

you’re funnier than me, prove it. …But don’t disrespect me man, and go up there

in real negative overtones and slam me on stage.”


Harvey added that he left five minutes into Williams’ set,

but heard what was said about him after he left. To hear him tell it, Williams

has never approached Harvey personally about why he has a problem with him.

“And now he’s doing more interviews saying that all of this was my idea.

Well that’s amazing.”


“I just wish the brother well,” Harvey continued.

“But stop being a coward and talk to me. See I’m available. I’m available

and willing to talk. So stop being a coward going to all these interviews and

Web sites saying stuff about me. I’m a grown-a** man.”


Stay tuned to see whether Katt puts his pimpin’ on hold to

give Steve the time of day.


3. Jermaine Jackson Pleads for Less

Child Support, More Sympathy 


I’m finding this hard to believe, but it seems like Jermaine

Jackson is strapped for cash. So much so that he can’t pay the $3,000 a month

in child support for his two kids, Jaafar and Jermajesty.


TMZ reports that Jackson, who barely made $10,000 in 2008, has

filed legal papers with the L.A. County courts on Wednesday (Feb. 11). The

singer claims he hasn’t made any serious cash since 2007, when he got $450,000

to appear on the U.K. version of Big Brother.  As it turned out, that payday was a factor in Jackson

agreeing to paying the $3,000 per month in May 2008 for clothes, laundry,

groceries and a tutor for his kids.


Fast forward to now and Jermaine is making $892.75 per month

because what he calls a “significant change of circumstance.” As a

result, he says it’s unfair for him to shell out $3,000 to ex wife Alejandra

Jackson for the kids. Couple that with the fact that Jermaine is so broke that

he wants Alejandra to pay his legal fees and we got yet another one of Joe’s

kids making a name for himself on Lifestyles of the Broke and Shameless.


I think Jermaine said it best himself back in the day:

“Let’s Get Serious.”


4. R. Kelly Switches Titles for New



It’s been a minute since R. Kelly graced the Last Word, but

the acquitted hitmaker has returned. MTV reports Kells is hard at work on his

forthcoming album. So much so that he has decided to go abandon the project’s

original title, 12 Play Fourth Quarter,

for something more creative.


“I’m out here working on the muthaf**kin’ album,” Kelly

told partygoers at Atlanta’s Velvet Room on Sunday (Feb. 8). “I’m working on a

new album and I’m calling that muthaf**ka Untitled. Y’all call it what y’all want.”


Not only did he reveal the new album title, but Kelly was

also kind enough to put on a mini-concert for the crowd. Despite all those

child p### charges and the scandal surrounding that, the crooner still managed

to make an impression on the females, who “went crazy” for him.


“All you heard was ladies screamin’ in the club and

cameras going off,” said DJ Infamous.


Crazy. I didn’t know Fisher Price was making cameras for

adults now. It’s good to see how much love the R still gets when he’s in the



5. Denzel Washington Gets Waxed While Preparing for Tom Cruise Showdown


Last week he was named America’s favorite movie star. This

week, Denzel Washington was immortalized with a new wax figure from Madame

Tussaud’s Las Vegas.


The figure is the newest creation to reside at the museum’s

Black History Month exhibit as it joins wax replicas of other historic

African-Americans such as including Michael Jordan, Jamie Foxx, Dr. Martin

Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama. The Black History Month

exhibit, located in the “Spirit of America” room, will be on display until the

end of the month.


In other Denzel news, the Oscar winner is gearing up to

share the big screen with Tom Cruise. Variety reports that Cruise is in talks to join Washington in the film

adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s The Matarese Circle.


The David Cronenberg-directed MGM feature will have Denzel

and Cruise playing two bitter enemy spies who, after spending two decades

trying to kill each other, grudgingly team up against the Matarese, a powerful

group at the root of a conspiracy.


Plans call for the film to go into production later this

year to set it up for a 2010 release.


6.  Stevie

Wonder Considers Dancing With the Stars Takeover


“Even Stevie Wonder got from around that piano,” Andre

Benjamin told John Legend on the hit song “Green Light.” Now it seems that

Stevie is considering taking a stab at Dancing With the Stars.


Although his blindness could raise an eyebrow, Wonder says

that it’s not that but his weight that stands in the way of going out for the



“Someone asked me the question, ‘Can you dance?’ and I said,

‘You know, after having had seven children, I guess I can do something,’ the

Grammy winner told WENN.” It’s possible… My challenge is, first of all to

lose a little stomach… and then once I feel that I look good enough, then

I’ll go on and win.”


Stevie’s desire to cut a rug comes as the new cast for DWTS

was announced on Sunday (Feb. 8). Among those competing on the show’s upcoming

season are rapper Lil Kim, comedian David Alan Grier, former NFL star Lawrence

Taylor and actress Denise Richards. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Olympic

gold-medal gymnast Shawn Johnson and Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell will

also be featured as well as singer Jewel and her husband, rodeo champion Ty

Murray, country singer Chuck Wicks and his girlfriend, two-time DWTS champion

Julianne Hough, Go-Go’s frontwoman Belinda Carlisle;  Steve-O from MTV’s Wildboyz and actor Gilles Marini.


The new season of Dancing With the Stars premieres March 9 on ABC. Too bad Stevie couldn’t do

this upcoming season. The thought of a dance-off between him and Lil’ Kim…well,

I’ll just leave that alone and let you think on it.


In Other Words…


* With a string of hit movies, a successful stint as a

rapper and loving family, life is good for Will Smith. Especially, when you’ve

been voted the most bankable star in Hollywood by Smith took the

top spot with a score of 10 out of 10.’s first “star currency” list,

which was put together from a survey of more than 150 industry professionals.

The list, which was released Tuesday (Feb. 10), factored in a star’s ability to

attract financing for a project as well as their ability to generate global box

office revenue.


Others making the list include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt,

Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, who all tied for second with a score of

9.89, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson.


* Bob Marley’s likeness is set to be displayed on a variety

of items. Billboard reports the late

reggae legend’s family has joined forces with Hilco Consumer Capital to license

Marley’s likeness, trademarks and themes on apparel, video games, shoes, food,

collectibles, musical instruments, luggage and stationary with the Bob Marley

family of brands.


* Ne-Yo has found himself at the center of a new lawsuit

that claims he was a no-show for a New Year’s Eve performance in Bellevue, Wa.

In the recently filed suit, Wet Entertainment had Ne-Yo booked for the show and

even paid him $95,000 up front to ensure his presence. Although people with

Ne-Yo got to Washington, the singer was nowhere to be found. As a result, the

show was canceled. TMZ reports that Wet Entertainment is suing Ne-Yo and the

booking company that made the deal for $95,000 they paid the singer in addition

to more than $1 million in damages.