The Odd Side – Give Them Their Credit

These artists might not be “the best”, but they bring in a new wave of music.

This week in The Odd Side is for the artists that deserves their credit

Earlier this week, the Huffington Post interviewed Danny Brown before he performed. The Detroit rapper declared himself to be the best rapper and respected. Though it may seem like this is completely far-fetched, it is important to give Danny Brown the credit he deserves. His two projects The Hybrid and XXX were critically acclaimed, with his debut album Old being declared one of the best albums to come out in 2013. With all of this success though, there is one major thing that Danny Brown is doing for Hip Hop. Something that many rappers like him wish to do: he’s bringing punk culture to the forefronts of Hip Hop. So give that man the credit he deserves.

Jaden Smith is another artist to look out for. Don’t let the “Will Smith’s son” and “Karate Kid” history fool you, this dude has been dropping firing lately. Let’s hope we hear an actual album from this Jaden soon.

What do you think about both of these artists? Do you think they deserve the credit, or nah? Let me know on Twitter @VBrinkley513