Major Williams [BGA]: Majorly, Dangerously Kool


Texas bred and Foxx City Records/CoolGuyMusic rapper Major Williams is one many in the industry are calling the next big artist to break. A frequent on the Hollywood social scene and well known by already established artists in the game, Major Williams has slowly but surely plotted his path to success under the tutelage a famed actor, singer, and comedian Jamie Foxx.

Now with a new EP called Dangerously Kool available on iTunes, and some singles circulating the clubs and online, Major Williams is showing Hip-Hop fans across the world what all the hype is about. Most importantly, Major’s music seems to represent the authenticity of being yourself, and not being afraid to take risks on the path to finding yourself, or as he says living “dangerously kool.”

He is truly is an individual worth a listen, because although he does speak about the good life, he also knows the trials and struggles that life brings after a rough childhood. Take a read and get to know Major Williams, next up in’s Breeding Ground class:

Download Major Williams’ EP, Dangerously Kool, HERE What’s good, sir? Just to get things started, talk about your upbringing and growing up in Texas.

Major Williams: You know, honestly, growing up in Texas, I can’t recall many great moments because my childhood was so unstable at times. With my mom in and out of prison several times, and with me being passed around from family member to family member, it showed me early on that nothing is what it seems. It also taught me that the things you want for yourself, you have to have a plan of action and execute, because no one is going to embrace your vision and dreams the way you could yourself. OK, a vision that you have is the “dangerously kool” movement. Explain “dangerously kool,” and what the movement you have dreamed about stands for.

Major Williams: “Dangerously Kool” is basically a everyday hard working person that defines what in life makes them happy and doesn’t allow the so called “cool” people and magazines to determine what their agenda should be. Whether it be with music, fashion or choices in religion etc., it’s about embracing self-expression to the fullest and saying, “Hey, if I’m one way this week and decide to be another way the next week, by all means it’s normal because I say so period.” So to some, it ups the danger. It’s the strong willed, fearless side, and the kool and easy calmness you have to have to operate in society. What has it been like making the transition from Texas to L.A. and the life out here in California?

Major Williams: I’m not going to lie; I really miss Texas. My family is all there to this day, but I love Los Angeles and the life I live out here. You can’t beat the weather, the energy is electric, and there is so much to do if you’re into exploring all the cool stuff it has to offer. It wasn’t a hard adjustment beyond getting used to not being around family and close friends. So, did you meet Jamie in Texas, or what? How did you link up with Jamie Foxx and Foxx City Records?

Major Williams: I met Jamie through a high school friend of mine who happened to be Jamie Foxx’s sister, Deidra Dixon. I met him when I moved to Los Angeles some years back, but as far as on the music tip it wasn’t until last year 2011 that we started talking and chopped it up in regards to music and him wanting to start a label to help me out. With all the grinding [that] he seen and heard I’ve been doing promoting my music, he wanted to help me.

AllHipHop: What role does Jamie have in your music, and what can we expect from Foxx City Records?

Major Williams: Jamie plays a big role in my music, but I must say it’s no different than being with a big label, because it’s just like a corporate label. Foxx City Records goes on hiatus when Foxx is filming mainly because he is active during the development process of projects. So with that said, me as an artist in these days and times, I have to keep my own situation, which is keeping my name hot in the streets by any means. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Still releasing singles through the label and shooting videos on my own dime and working with my own in-house team to keep me active until it’s my time. So once Foxx is like let’s rock, it’s not going to be like creating my movement from a blank canvas…it’s already there. What can you tell us about your debut EP?

Major Williams: Well the EP album is called Dangerously Kool, which is a term I’ve come up with to describe my mentality and the crew of people around me. It’s a lifestyle and culture that already exists within so many people. I just made a movement and a name to it, so you and fans identify with it more. As far as the project and music goes, I’m very excited about this material for multiple reasons – one being it will be the first official release off Foxx City Records/CoolGuyMusic and will mark another chapter on my journey. Secondly, the music I’ll be releasing is just some cool dope material given to you from my perspective. Lastly, the production is by Mo Ager and Sean Dillon, my close partners. You gotta check it out. Sup with the “Bout II Go Down” track? That seems to have gotten a great response thus far…

Major Williams: The record, “Bout II Go Down” came from a conversation with my producer Mo Ager on what kind of club record could we create to smash the clubs and strip clubs. The very next day, he got to work on a few ideas and this record is what came about. When I first heard it, I was hyped because I knew this would be that record I’d have fun performing [laughter]. The icing on the cake was when I had Layzie Bone come to the studio, and I randomly played it for him and seen how he moved to the edge of his seat with a slight grin as if to say ‘this record, I love this record.’ So taking advantage of perfect timing, I asked him if he wanted to get on the record, and he said let’s do it “tonight” [laughter], and the rest is history. Talk about some other collaborations that you’ve been working on.

Major Williams: Collaborations I have coming will include a dope female artist by the name of Kym Cartel who is like a sister to me, Layzie Bone as I just mentioned, T-Mills, and I have unreleased records featuring my mentor Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes’ artist, J-Doe. By the time this article comes out, I may have already worked with more artists on my collabo list.. Talk about your events coming up. You have something big planned, right?

Major Williams: For the “Bring On the Cash Tour” series, I will include three dope artists, including myself. The events/shows that I’ll be putting on will be the final piece to my puzzle. I just need to go and get additional sponsors and endorsement brands attached to an extended mini tour of 15 shows in different regions, filmed and documented for digital distribution. It will be a great vehicle and platform for all the artists involved, not only to showcase their talent but to also to connect with the fans and supporters on a more intimate level. If all goes right, this will be a brand used by many up and coming artists with a buzz generated. It’s going to be epic, and once completed, it will be slated as one of my biggest accomplishments in regards to planning and executing a idea I had. I really can’t wait. Sounds dope, man; can’t wait to see how this all comes together.

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