Goes Back To School With RoQy TyRaiD!

RoQy TyRaiD CHOPS IT UP WITH US ABOUT HIS “ANTI-MUD DUCK” MOVEMENT FOR THE SUMMER! caught up with artist RoQy TyRaiD recently and got the low down on his new video, his new song, and the latest news from his zany world. The Phoenix, Arizona phenom, who is known for songs like “Woosah” is back and shaking up the underground game in 2012! Hey, RoQy, Let’s just get right to the new releases! Who did the video for “Year Round School”, and what was the concept? Where was it shot?

RoQy TyRaiD: That would be Jed and Ethan of Brood Baby – excellent directors! We shot it in Manhattan, so NYC baby! It was like 15 degrees that day! I’m a Southern Californian. My gums were numb after one take. Don’t let the smiling fool you!! [laughter] We can just about imagine!

RoQy TyRaiD: Really, the concept is “finding fun in love and the love of fun.” By the way, I was told I’m the first Hip-Hop artist to shoot a video at the Highline. I would love to get confirmation, from the readers, please! And, if it’s so, do I get a cookie? You’ve also just released a new song as well. What was your inspiration for the new song, “Her Bourne Identity”?

RoQy TyRaiD: Knowing a lot of Black folks who didn’t necessarily grow up in an urban environment, surrounded by people of a similar culture, and having attended mostly White schools, myself, I felt it was important to tell the story of the Black youth’s experience from the other side of the coin. Wow, Dope! Not too many people speak on that!

RoQy TyRaiD: I used a friend’s story of growing up in a sheltered environment, and how it affected her self-image. A lot of people reading this can relate no question. We ran in to you at South By Southwest (SXSW)…but what have you been up to since?

RoQy TyRaiD: Been performing at spot dates while working on these next few releases, one of which being the single “Bye Felicia” featuring the good homie, Chaundon! It’s an “Anti-MudDuck Anthem” for the summer. [maniacal laughter] Dope. So, what can we look forward to next from RoQy TyRaiD?

RoQy TyRaiD: The album is called Bye Felicia. A new project called Ark of Arts is being worked on as we SPEAK. We’re definitely reaching out to bring that missing competitive edge back into the fray! We don’t do the “Debbie Downer” raps over here! [laughter] Okay!

RoQy TyRaiD: Maybe another festival or two? Let’s just say I have a couple things cooking up … wash up and get your plates ready. The Culture Is Back. Shout out the RoQ Riffs!

Be sure to check out the new video for “Year Round School”, as well as the new single, “Her Bourne Identity”. Follow RoQy TyRaiD on Twitter (@RoQy TyRaiD).