Ar’Mon Warren Channels Ar’Money Alter Ego In “Assignment” Visual

Ar’Mon Warren

AllHipHop spoke with Ar’mon Warren to discuss the new release, being a solo artist, and more!

Ar’Mon Warren is here to showcase his skills as a solo artist. The Detroit native first came up as one half of R&B duo Ar’Mon & Trey, who quickly garnered a cultlike following by creating heartfelt ballads, as well as hilarious, entertaining content on Youtube. 

Falling in love with music at a young age, Ar’Mon started taking music serious in 2016, by uploading covers of songs by some of his favorite artists, such as Usher and Drake. As part of the duo, Ar’Mon & Trey went on to sign a deal with Warner Bros. Records, eventually dropping his debut EP titled Long Story Short.

Now, Ar’Mon is excited as ever to be unveiling his highly-anticipated new song and visual for “Assignment.” This is an R&B anthem for the grown and sexy, for both day one fans and new fans alike. With summertime coming around, we need that perfect soundtrack for boo thang!

AllHipHop spoke with Ar’mon Warren to discuss the new release, being a solo artist, and more!

AllHipHop: What inspired “Assignment”?

Ar’Mon: “Assignment” was inspired from just a place of me and my alter ego. I’m a humble person so I feel if I do talk my s###, it’ll be in my music. I think this song is Ar’Money. [laughs] My other songs are armon but I feel when I’m in this type of bag this Armoney.

AllHipHop: What was your creative vision with the visual?

Ar’Mon: My creative vision with the music video was just to be sexy, grown. I feel the song, the beat, and the lyrics go hand to hand. I needed the video to give grown and sexy.

AllHipHop: What do you want fans to take away from the song/visual?

Ar’Mon: Just understanding the difference between Ar’Money and Ar’Mon. I think the supporters are going to be a little surprised at some lyrics, but as I said this is grown and sexy.

AllHipHop: How has your sound evolved since you first started as part of a duo?

Ar’Mon: I feel my sound has evolved tremendously, just sonically. I’ve always felt comfortable in the studio, but of course doing it alone now is a little different. My brother would write songs and bring it to the group and vice versa, so working alone is fine. I feel my sound is being birthed right now as we speak and I can see and feel it forreal.

AllHipHop: Detroit has been having a huge wave when it comes to the rap game. How does it feel to be making R&B coming out of the city?

Ar’Mon: Making it out of Detroit as an R&B artist was tough, but fun. I feel our city is full of pretty women and filled with rappers. So when the girls heard me sing, it’ll give me an edge a little. 😭 Singing in the city growing up was fun, but it was most definitely out of the norm to sing.

AllHipHop: Top 5 artists in rotation?

Ar’Mon: Micheal Jackson, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Drake, Tupac.

AllHipHop: What inspires you the most?

Ar’Mon: What inspires me the most would have to be of course my daughter Legacy. Just her name has self-inspired me to go after and understand what I’m building, and that’s a legacy so my baby girl inspires me. Also seeing my inspiration in others inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing. And always keep the love for whatever I’m doing, rather it’s a vlog, showing my music process, or something as big as a show.

AllHipHop: What are the pros and cons of going solo?

Ar’Mon: There’s pros and cons everyday. [laughs] Even life, the pro is we get to be here and chase a dream. Some succeed and some don’t, but the con is we ain’t here forever. With music and being solo, of course the cons is you do what you want. It’s your vision. Literally, but the cons for me is the chemistry I had with my brother writing music. Our studio session was always fun, but serious. Now, I have to be serious because when I look to my left or right, it’s just me. So I can’t crack a joke or get off topic for 20 to 30 minutes because it’s just me.

AllHipHop: What’s one thing fans may not know about you?

Ar’Mon: One thing fans may not know about me is, my shoulder was broken at birth and I have two different ears.

AllHipHop: What can we expect next?

Ar’Mon: You all can expect more music, tons of music tons of visuals and just a elevation in the music