Ayyo Buda Talks The Dark Side Of Disney, Orlando, Lyrics Vs Analytics And His Creative Goals

Ayyo Buda is making his mark, without a co-sign, but with a flurry of good music, straight out of Orlando, Florida.

Rapidly rising Florida rapper, Ayyo Buda has managed to create a buzz for himself with a wide range of musical gifts. Hailing from Orlando, the 20-something rapper has already struck gold with songs like big records in “Celebrate” and “Selena.” With his own special sauce, he has managed to get respect and defy the analytics that confounds artists, new and old. He hit hard with “MFMG Freestyle” earlier in the year and gave people a taste of what he is bringing to the table. As a rapper, poet, and musician, Ayyo Buda is destined to be a fixture in rap music. In this interview, he talks about Max Fire Music Group, his creative process, top 5 DOA, and his ultimate goals.

With many artists electing to claim home town status elsewhere…Buda is, Orlando raised, Orlando tried and tested – he is the real deal. The tattoos on the rappers right arm tell the story. Sporting ink of the iconic Mickey Mouse character surrounded by a phrase that says…. (Ain’t no Disney Bihh)

Ayyo Buda originally got into music by writing raps and poetry at the age of 11. He released his first music when he was still in high school. And while the mass are just discovering him, he has been in the game for more than 10 years. At the age of 25, he conveys wisdom well beyond his years as if he has been here before. Like the lyrics he spits when he picks up the microphone, Ayyo Buda’s music is inspired by so many things. He prides himself on being an elevated thinker who studies the history of Egyptian symbols, music that drove historical revolutions, the power of balanced chakras and so much more. The rapper is fueled by telling his stories through his music that allows his fans to make memories, have fun and that brings joy and happiness to people. His experiences are reflected in his songs.