BEST IN TEXAS BREEDING GROUND: Big Hud – Setting The Benchmark

[Editor’s Note: I first saw and heard of Hud 3 Years ago at a music conference in Dallas, TX. Over the 3 years we reconnected and I saw growth , consistency and some great music. Check out this kid! – Steve Raze]Over the last two years, Dallas, TX artist Big Hud (named Hud after his […]

[Editor’s Note: I first saw and heard of Hud 3 Years ago at a music conference in Dallas, TX. Over the 3 years we reconnected and I saw growth , consistency and some great music. Check out this kid! – Steve Raze]Over the last two years, Dallas, TX artist Big Hud (named

Hud after his last name Hudson) has developed a resume that any artist in the

country would like to have.  Having

had two songs featured on MTV Jamz (“Whats Wrong Wit Em” and “Summertime Ish”

ft Curren$y), songs with local artists Inertia, Trai D, Dorrough, Big Chief and

other songs in the works with Yelawolf 

and XV, Hud seems to be on his way to mainstream success. 

By developing a base with a strong underground following of

both “backpack rapper” and “street” fan’s Hud seems to have undeniable

crossover appeal.  Take a look at

this sit down with one of’s newest Breeding Ground Artists as we

sat over looking downtown Dallas in Big Hud’s urban loft. 

Music/Video:Big Hud Ft. Curren$y – “Summetime Ish”  So you got a longstanding career going

on right now, some nice singles working, you got the “Summertime Ish,” the

“Aura” and I think people are most familiar with that “What’s Wrong Wit Em” at

this point. That’s playing on MTV Jams now right?

Big Hud: Yea man [laugher] that “Summertime Ish” is on MTV Jams also.  I made two videos, independent, no deal, so everyday is a

blessing at the end of the day. I can cut on the TV with out no major label or

no major machine behind what I got going on. Its coming straight out of the

heart and the grind and also a great management team.  So that’s a good look dog.

Now tell me a little bit about your inspiration. Are you originally from Dallas,


Big Hud:  Yea I’m from Dallas, born in Oak Cliff,

raised in Oak Cliff, moved and grew up in Desoto.  I’m from here man, I got a lot of roots, it ain’t too many

people out here I don’t know out here man.  It ain’t like I stayed somewhere else and then moved to

Dallas, you know.  Born and raised

bro, my grandmamma from sunny South Dallas, from my daddy from Mobile, Alabama,

shout out to Prichard, Alabama, shout out to Rich Boy too.  So yea I’m from Dallas bro. So

talk to me about some of the collaborations that you have been working on. I

know you did a song with Curren$y on one joint, I know you had Juvenile on

another.  We were just talking

about some stuff you were working on, tell me a little bit about what you got

coming up.

Big Hud: Man dog every

time I try and come out with something, I am always trying to push the envelope

man, you know? I just did the Big Boi Musik 1 with DJ Smallz, I did the Big Boi

Musik 2 with Bay Bay, and I got another project coming up called, “The Benchmark”,

and basically just stating that this is just like the judgment day, that’s just

like stating my introduction to the world. 

You know with the “Summertime Ish” it was like a lot of

people started recognizing,  and

you know with the “What’s wrong Wit Em” was cool, but the Curren$y

collaboration raised a lot more eyebrows. 

So its kind of like while I got everyone’s attention, its like let em

see what I got.  I got an arsenal

man! I might be doing some stuff with Yelawolf coming up, shout out to Yealwolf.  My boy XV, of course Tum Tum, Inertia,

Trai D, from the crib, so it’s a lot of stuff bro, and I’m just making music

everyday man, and its what I enjoy doing. 

So it ain’t, more or less about that hit record, but about being

consistent.  The more I can be

consistent, the more fans I can reach and the more of a following I can build,

and once I get that steam, there ain’t no stopping me.  So you are a Dallas artist, Dallas has

been getting more attention as a city, how do you feel abour your place in that

lineup of artists…So I just try to

touch everything and I just feel like that’s my place man.

Big Hud:   Damn, man.  My

place bro, I honestly think I have created my own lane out here. Besides whats

going on, I don’t really have to put it out there, man it is what it is, it’s a

lot of love in the city and when I go out of town people are like “Man you from

Dallas? That’s whats up!” and I know back in the day, it definitely wasn’t like

that.  At the end of the day, its

various types of lanes, and some songs might be ahead of other songs on the

national scene at this point in time, but the lane I represent is letting

people know there’s another side to Dallas. I’m not extra hard core, talking

about blowing your brains out and all that man. I represent more of the fly

guy, fly s### man, f###### women… pretty women man…  [laughs] and do that type of thing man.  And just let n##### know its not about

the fancy car and flashy chain, but its definitely real life situations going

on in here man.  So I just try to

touch everything and I just feel like that’s my place man.  I just try to be myself and I say in my

jam, “I stay in my own lane HOV man.” 

So that’s me and where I stand man, Much love to my city, I’m Triple D

to the heart.  Like I told you man,

I’m from this mothaf***a, so you know man, this is where I’m from bro.  It is what it is.  I can say what I can say, what other

people can’t say cause they ain’t from here man.  When it comes to somebody outside the city, I’m gonna stick

up for my city every time.

Now you have been touring a lot recently, where have you been at?

Big Hud:  I just came from Kansas City last

weekend. Shooting to Milwaukee in the morning, I got a flight in the morning,

gonna holla at Tony Neal, shout out to the Core DJ’s.   I think next week I got something

going on in Oklahoma.  Should be

going out to Arizona soon, Denver, so you know, I got a lot of people that’s

messing with me man. Definitely going to take a trip out to the Bay.  The Bay messing with me.  So right now its just strategic game

planning man.  You know, I’m just

doing what makes sense. If they mess with me in this region, then its going to

make sense to go in that region. If they mess with me in Oakland and they ain’t

messing with me in Alaska, then why the hell would I go to Alaska?  So yeah, I’ve just been on the road and

soaking it all in and taking it day by day and it can get tiring, but at the

end of the day I am an entertainer, and that’s what I do so, that’s what it is.  Show money is good money.

Big Hud: Yessir!  So you got “The Benchmark” coming up…

what’s coming up for you and whats next? Why did you decide to switch it up?

Big Hud: It’s

almost like the “Thank Me Later” type thing man.  I’m gonna keep that Big Boi Musik 1 and 2, that’s the

legendary series man.  It’s going

to make a lot more sense down the road. 

You know after I drop the EP and drop the album we gonna take it back to

the roots with Big Boi Musik 3.  Big Boi Musik is Hud when he didn’t have anything man.  Just to see how stuff has changed and

to have artists come up to me, and people reach out to me over hundred thousand

miles away, that’s priceless bro so that’s a good feeling.

So I wanted to do something different man with “The

Benchmark”, I want to push the envelope man with The Benchmark and its just

going to be a big sound. With the Big Boi Musik 2, people don’t even think it

sounds like Dallas you know, but that’s just because people haven’t heard that

side of Dallas music.  I don’t try

to my music appeal to one concrete area, I want it to appeal to the

masses.  I had a DJ hit me up from

Germany this week and was asking for more music and he wanted me to put

together a cipher type freestyle, so they can support me in Germany.  At the end of the day that’s what its

about. I want to have a platinum record or song.  That’s the beautiful thing about this music, its wide open.  I be working hard man.  Its definitely dope out here in Dallas.

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