Breeding Ground Spotlight: Gee Major

Gee Major defies his disabilities to rap

Gee Major, a rising Hip-Hop artist from the Carolinas & DMV, was born with Cerebral Palsy. Born with a disability but, ran with focus and drive, he has yet to let his handicap slow him down, in fact he may be one of the most spoke about up and coming emcee’s to hit the music scene. Faced with many obstacles from drugs to discrimination, to the loss of his mother in 2001, Gee Major has remained loyal to his craft as an emcee and holding his own.

Hip-Hop heads aren’t the only one paying close attention to Gee Major, so is Nike. In fact Nike is making athletes with disabilities a priority, by designing a shoe for people with Cerebral Palsy thanks to 16 year old Matthew Walzer who helped create the ‘Nike Flyease’.

In the video, below, Gee Major explains how he discovered the new technology and thanks Nike and Matthew for their efforts.

After completing his interview today, I had a profound new respect for Gee Major who remains humble, focused and determined to make his mark in the music Industry and Hip Hop culture as a whole. Hip Hop fans are sure to embrace Gee Major’s talent and story behind his music. Your latest project Handicapable Hosted By DJ Holiday drops August 18th. What inspired your mixtape title?

Gee Major: The mixtape title was inspired by my condition, I was born with Cerebral Palsy and I just used life experiences and perseverance to create this opportunity to be able to record this mixtape. With your condition, Cerebral Palsy, I know your open about it, how do your fans react to your condition?

Gee Major: They think its cool, its like going to the circus, you know like back in the day when they used to say the circus was a freak of nature, you’ve never seen it before, its brand new and people just think its cool that I can take something that was given to me, thats considered bad, but I turned it into something good, you know something positive. You released “Erbody Wanna Be Tony Montana” featuring Fat Trel from MMG, how did the two of you link up?

Gee Major: We linked up after I reached out to him, once the song was recorded, he’s a local here in the DMV area. We also have mutual friends so we linked up, got in the studio and recorded it. How does your new project and your overall brand… set you apart from other rising artists that are out now?

Gee Major: The way it sets me apart, Imma 80’s babies/90’s kid, so like you know I take life experiences and put a little bit of the new style into the old music and bring story telling back in a sense, and along with the handicap the disability I’m not afraid to go out on a limb and say I have these problems and expose myself instead of pretending to be so hardcore all the time, I keep it real. Is it true you credit King Los as being one the first individuals to help put your hip-hop talents on display?

Gee Major: I met Los back in 2009 at University of Maryland-Eastern Shore (UMES), where I was attending to attain a degree in english. One of my friends produced for him, and he brought Los down to the school and he linked me in with him and we recorded this video of a secret hip-hop cypher that we did on campus, we put in up on youtube and it went viral. You can look up UMES freestyle and it will come up. He just opened the door for me. When people started to see me on that type show and seeing me on those circuits people started to recognize me for my talent. Until the next time, what would you like to share with your supporters?

Gee Major: First of all I want to thank, I used to get in trouble for going on the site in school all the time, so when you guys reached out…thats something I’ve been waiting on. I’m a fan of the site, anything that ya’ll need me to do, I’ll do it, I support ya’ll 100% and appreciate ya’ll supporting me. I support anyone with disabilities and anyone trying to better themselves and get out of the hood, I support them, reach out to me and I promise I will get back to ya when I have time.

Carolinas & DMV champ Gee Major gears up for the release of his upcoming Dj Holiday hosted mixtape ‘Handicapable’ to be released August 18th with his newest single entitled “EWTBM”(Erbody wanna be Tony Montana) ft. Fat Trel.

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