Breeding Ground’s King Russ: Reaching For The Crown


Not many new artists have mentors to show them the ropes through a tough and sometimes ruthless industry. Hip-Hop MC King Russ is blessed with the opportunity to have legendary Grandmaster Melle Mel in his corner and is ready to take the crown. Creating a heavy buzz from a Twitter-inspired song called “Twerk Song”, King Russ talks to us about his relationship with Grandmaster Melle Mel, how Twitter has helped his rap career, and how his lyrics and charisma will help make him a star: Why do you want to be an MC?

King Russ: I live for this, honestly.It’s not that I even want to be; it’s a calling. Some people cant deny the talents that they were blessed with, and that’s one of them I just couldn’t run from. First record that you listen to that made you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

King Russ: I cant really say. I could say one of the most inspirational records that had an effect on me was “The Message”.  My father was a DJ, and that was one the records he played the most. You’re connected to Hip-Hop royalty, being managed by Grandmaster Melle Mel. What does that mean to you?

King Russ: Honestly, it’s a honor to have legend in my corner .It definitely means a lot to me. I just feel like we could do it alone from one legend to another. It’s just a honor. Working with him, do you feel some type of pressure?

King Russ: Actually, I have a lot to prove. I always felt like I did, even before Mel. Just being a young, Black male, you have a lot to prove anyway. Then the fact everybody wants to be MC nowadays, you have more to prove. Then when it comes to Mel, having a legend in my corner has definitely made me step it up 10 notches. So he definitely was a boost to my career and plays an effect on the music I make nowadays. Your single “Twerk Song” – how did you come up with that?

King Russ: I try to make music for everybody. I stay up on the trends and whatever is happening in the world to stay relevant.When the twerk dance became popular, I said let me do this and it just started hitting numbers How important has Twitter been for you career?

King Russ: I’m not even going lie – Twitter helped my career a lot. It might be one of main reasons I got as far as I have so far. Marketing-wise, I recommend that to everybody. Learn how to network. Networking is the key to success . After I started really taking the music thing to heart, I stopped running in the streets and I spent my time on the computer. I have had about 30 Twitter accounts suspended off of heavy promotion. I’m 22,000 followers strong. You feel me? Speaking of your career, your mixtape is called Punch 4 Punch. Explain the tittle and process.

King Russ: I stepped out the artist zone. I wouldn’t say that’s my best music. I would just say it’s exactly how it sounds – punch for punch. When I started writing, I was just like let me show you how lyrical I am. Let me show you I’m a beast and that I can really do this. So Punch 4 Punch is the official mixtape?

King Russ: Punch 4 Punch is out, but I make music everyday so it’s kind of old to me. Anything you want me to know?

King Russ: It’s definitely a takeover in process. Expect to see me on top. I shall soon be crowned best.

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