DCG Shun, Bsavv & Msavv Are Next Up Out Of Chicago

16-year-old Shun, 17-year-old Bsavv, and 22-year-old Msavv are the newest youngin’s to come out of Chicago. Most recently, their video for “OK” broke a million views in a few months organically.

16-year-old DCG Shun, 17-year-old DCG Bsavv, and 22-year-old DCG Msavv are the new hottest rappers to come out of Chicago. Growing up on the Westside of the Chi, the 3 youngin’s rap about real life experiences and the reality of life coming up in the trenches. Each individual adds their own personality and style of rapping, coming together to create nothing less short of bangers.

DCG used to stand for Durk City Generals, after one of their cousins who passed away. While they’ll never shy away from their roots and where they come from, they decided to change their name for the positive in hopes of influencing the masses.

Their biggest song to date is “OK,” which currently hails over 1.2 million views on Youtube and counting within just a few months. The record actually began while Shun was in prison, finishing the rest while he was fresh out. Having his run-ins in the law has given him the motivation and drive to commit to music full-time.

Bsavv is a father too a beautiful 2-year-old, while Msavv remembers being shot twice as a kid. All three are influenced by the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, Lil Uzi, Gucci Mane, and fellow Chicago native G Herbo. They collectively state, “nobody’s f##king with us.”

AllHipHop caught up with Shun, Bsavv, and Msavv in downtown Los Angeles to discuss how they came together, gaining a presence, new music, and more!

AllHipHop: How did all 3 of you come together?

DCG Bsavv: We’ve been together, we grew up around each other. We really came together through our manager, that’s how we came together through music. Started to do business together.

DCG Shun: We all from the same area, all been knowing each other. We from the same hood, same block. We’ve been knowing each other forever, growing up with each other, childhood friends. We came together doing music through our manager, who also grew up with us in the same area and hood. He brought us together because he knew we all rap. Since then, it’s been history.

AllHipHop: That’s crazy you guys have been rapping for less than a year. When did you realize you could do this?

DCG MSavv: I’ve been rapping before them. They had started rapping after I started rapping, a year, maybe 2 years before them. All we did was be in tune with each other. They’ll make a song, then they’ll stop. At one point, we’re like alright, we gotta take it serious. Our manager stayed on us, pushed us. That’s how we all connected.

AllHipHop: Being from the West side of Chicago, what was the household like growing up?

DCG Bsavv: It was typical, like for every other Chicago kid. We gotta see the same thing: people doing drugs, killing, etc. Some people grow up, they gangbang. Some people grow up, they stick to positives. Same thing everywhere else, people trying to make it out.

DCG Shun: Man, where we grew up is not normal. It’s not normal. It’s non typical, because all kids don’t see the things we see. Majority of kids have probably never went through what we have went through as kids, seeing different things you never shoulda seen ever as a kid in life. That’s what we got going on in our city, we adapted to it.

DCG Msavv: It’s hard in our city because it’s so much violence, hate, jealousy. It’s rare to see what we’re doing, it’s different. That’s why it’s catching everybody’s eye, the fact they’re so young makes it even better.

AllHipHop: Were you rapping on your own before you tapped in with them?

DCG Msavv: It was going aight. I was making stuff, I get better at it every year. The way they rap and the way I rap is actually 2 different ways. The way they rap, they actually they motivate me. I be trying to keep up with them, but it’s cool working together.

DCG Bsavv: He can do a lot of styles, we can’t. We try to keep up with him on a lot of styles, but he tries to keep up with us on certain styles too. On certain beats, we keep up with each other.

DCG Shun: He [Msavv] got an older flow, he got more experience than us. When we try to keep up with each other, it’s not bad. We be teaching each other more as we’re in the studio. The way we rap, he started to adapt to it quick. The way he rap, we’re starting to adapt to it because we work together a lot. We always go to the studio, everything we do is together. Everything’s starting to fall into place.

DCG Msavv: We got a lot of unreleased coming up.

AllHipHop: “OK” is at over a million views, did you think it would go up like this?

DCG Shun: Nah, I wrote that in jail. I wrote half of it in jail, got out and freestyled the other half. I definitely wrote that track in jail, it was my last weekend. “I know I’m finna go home, I need a song.” I had wrote it so quick, I wrote it in 15 minutes, just thinking. I was rapping to my COs, they’re like “that’s hard.” I’ma drop this when I get out, my first video. I got out and threw my older brother on it, we went crazy. We turnt up. It got 40K, 50K views in a day, but that’s normal now. I never got 50K views in a day. Organic, I just put it out. I made it at home on house arrest. 3 days later, I shot the video.

DCG Bsavv: We ended up dropping the video 8 days later.

DCG Shun: In a week, it did 200K. That’s major, I feel blessed. I feel like I’m chosen, this is destiny.

DCG Bsavv: Humbled.

DCG Shun: I’m real humble so I’ma get everything I deserve.

AllHipHop: Are you still in school?

DCG Shun: Of course. I’m still in school, I’m 16 years old. I’m a junior.

DCG Msavv: I finished school actually, but I had to go back. I want to tell people it doesn’t matter how long it takes, you should always go back and try to do that.

DCG Bsavv: I’m currently not in school, but I’m finna go back in school. I’m a father, I gotta focus on more important things. I’m smart too. I became a father, I had a baby when I was 15.

DCG Msavv: They grew up fast.

AllHipHop: Bsavv, how’s fatherhood treating you?

DCG Bsavv: That s##t’s fun. It’s irritating, but it’s alright.

DCG Shun: When you’re young in Chicago, you gotta own up to those things like a man.

AllHipHop: At 15, you’re still navigating your own life.

DCG Bsavv: Now I’m navigating another one. Kids are very expensive, my son gets whatever. My first time having a kid, I went to go buy the milk and food, that s##t’s $30 dollars bro. I gotta spend money on weed too, that s##t’s crazy. I love him like I love weed. I love him more though.

“Patching Opps” is a bop, bring us back to that recording session.

DCG Shun: They made that when I was locked up. On God I heard it, I had to go crazy. As soon as I got out, I laid the verse. Y’all went crazy though, we shot the video on Father’s Day.

AllHipHop: How’s the independent grind?

DCG Shun: We’ve been going crazy independent. We’ve been good, you don’t see too many people doing this good independent. Not even a year, we’ve been out for 9 months.

DCG Bsavv: You don’t see people doing this good with labels. Sometimes you gotta pop your s##t, I pop my s##t.

DCG Msavv: We really trying to make what we’re doing bigger than what it is, eventually have our own label.

DCG Shun: That’s coming. We got our own clothing line coming out. My older brother, he’s 22. He got his own weed strain coming out, finna go so crazy.

AllHipHop: Shun, how long were you locked up for?

DCG Shun: I was locked up for damn near 3 months, then I got out on house arrest for another 3 months. The biggest lesson I learned was stop the violence, stop killing each other. We’re really making no luck doing that s##t.

DCG Bsavv: If you got hurt a motherf##ker, you hurt a motherf##ker. People play with people too much. I understand you get fed up, you break loose. All hell breaks loose, you gotta handle your business.

AllHipHop: Msavv, you’ve been shot twice. How’d you overcome that?

DCG Msavv: I got shot on the side of my leg, but it came out my Achilles. I was running, so it slipped out at the bottom. Then I got shot up here, on my thigh. I got shot twice. I won’t really say I overcame it because that s##t gave me PTSD. Because it happened from behind me, so I didn’t see it coming. That s##t f##ked me up. I got shot when I was 17, turning 18. It made me stronger and stay on point more. It made me smarter.


AllHipHop: What can we expect next?

DCG Shun: We got a crazy video coming, we’re finna shoot in Cali. You can expect big features, a tape. Hottest everything, you can expect Platinum f##king record. We got everything going crazy, we’ve been working hard. A lot of new movies.

AllHipHop: Anything else you want to let us know?

DCG Msavv: We f##k with a lot of rappers from our area, we grew up with them. The Heavy Steppers, Pronto, we f##k with all the Chicago rappers. There’s no support like your city’s support. I listen to a lot of Chicago rappers like Herb, Durk, Polo G. Herb’s our boy.

DCG Bsavv: DCG taking over.

DCG Shun: We’re the hottest artists coming out of Chicago.