Dime Racks Is The South’s Newest Rap Sensation

Read up as hot new rapper Dime Racks discusses her career, making millions during the pandemic and more!

Dime Racks is the internet’s newest viral model and artist.

After going viral last year in 2020 using OnlyFans, the social media influencer was able to use her newfound fame, love for looking good, and being herself into a serious cash flow. With being connected to other celebrities such as Jhonni Blaze, Lil Baby, and Trey Songz, Dime Racks, quickly became one of the most sought-after models.

She also became one of the first models on the platform to make a million dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, Dime Racks released her first single “Stop Playin Wit Me” on all streaming platforms. Dime’s fans quickly grew to love the sexy fast-paced club anthem and immediately demanded more music from her.

After a long-awaited year, Dime is gearing up to release 4 new singles this year, with the help of Love & Hip Hop New York’s Jaquae. Two of the singles will be summer anthems, while the remaining two will be released at the top of fall.

With the help of some big named artists and high notable producers, Dime’s highly-anticipated EP is set to release early fall 2022.

AllHipHop: You released your debut single “Stop Playin Wit Me” as an artist last year. What was the process in recording that record and what made you want to finally come out as an artist?

Dime Racks: One of my biggest inspirations is Michael Jackson and I always admired his ability to release music on his own timing and his ability to be care-free. For me, music gives you the opportunity to express yourself, how you feel, and what you’ve been through. I decided I wanted to share my pain and what I went through via my music. I express all my emotions and I love to dance. I’m not talking about twerking either, I took modern, jazz, and hip-hop classes growing up. This was an escape for me. Recording the song was very lit, but I was a little nervous because it was my first time recording in a professional studio.

AllHipHop: You plan to release 4 new singles this year. What else can we expect?

Dime Racks: One of the singles I’m releasing is “Beat It Up,” but I can’t say who’s on it just yet.

AllHipHop: How would you describe your music?

Dime Racks: Raw, unfiltered, and unapologetic.

AllHipHop: Talk about who you’ve been working with and the inspiration behind your music.

Dime Racks: I’ve been working with Love & Hip Hop New York’s Jaquae, some other big names I can’t say yet and some really great producers as well. One of my biggest inspirations is Michael Jackson, I love how he was so free-spirited with his music .

AllHipHop: Where can we find more of your music?

Dime Racks: You can find my music on all platforms as Dime Racks and @dimesberacky on Instagram because I’m always posting updates.