Florida Drill? Yep. Lass V Is Here!

Lass V

Lass V is a lot of things and its now time for the world to get to know him.

By Slops Shot Ya

Lass V is born to a Hollywood, Florida father from Harlem, raised in New Jersey and moved to New York. His rap style varies. His single is Drill Rap and the song is derived from the current sound but his theme/image feels like a young Al Capone. The single “Gltichin'” speaks on battling adversity and the many faces artists posterize as musicians.

Lass V is a seasoned artist with over 33 bodies of work. Producing since 2008, Lass has traveled and performed in over 24 states in the United States. He graduated with Bachelor’s Degree from Delaware State University and  is certified for engineer and production at New York University. Lass V has produced/engineered for artists such as Hodgy Beats, ASAP Nast, Chaz Marcus, Eli Fross and Earl SweatShirt. Get to know him.

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