Keemo Brings His New Southern Vibe And Reimagines R&B And Rap


Keemo is here as a mix of Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller.

AllHipHop: Keemo. We’ve been hearing about your series “Wild Wednesdays” where every week, you are dropping a new track. The first one we heard was “Boujee”.. tell us about this new single and how the concept for “Wild Wednesdays” came about?   Keemo: Well, with my new single, Boujee, I really wanted to showcase my versatility as an artist. “Boujee” felt like the right word to start 2021. I gotta get Boujee, I gotta elevate, I gotta do me. Wild Wednesdays, stemmed from my first single, that I set the temperature with, called “Wild.” I’m paying homage to it. Plus, it fits my current vibe, because I plan on wildin’ out on my upcoming records.   AllHipHop: When we heard “Boujee” it put us in mind, sound wise, of a Tory Lanez or Bryson Tiller. Who produced the track? It has a R&B AND Hip-Hop feel. Can we expect any Hip-Hop bars from you or is R&B your lane?   Keemo: I get that a lot and I rock with both of those artists heavy. The track was produced by Gibbo, a producer I stumbled upon on IG. Gibbo is dope.  Can fans expect Hip-Hop bars from me?!! I would say to expect the unexpected, because the unexpected is always expecting you, Lol.  That’s one of my favorite sayings I came up with. You will have to just wait and see!   AllHipHop: Being from Miami Gardens, who are some artists from your hometown in Miami that influence you musically?    Keemo: Being from Miami, FL, some of my hometown influences are mostly Rozay, Billion Berg, Old Brisco, Greezy, Trick Daddy, and Lil Dred. I love the culture of Miami music. I salute all Miami artists that have been grinding and putting in work.   AllHipHop: As a rising artist, are you still moving independently? How has the pandemic changed or guided your music path..   Keemo: As of right now, I’m still independent. The pandemic hindered the process for a bit, but it shifted my focus. It gave me insight that I need to go harder and dig deeper. Now, it’s become more apparent that I’ve got to find new ways to stay relevant and reach a broader audience.   AllHipHop: What’s the next song to drop from “Wild Wednesdays?” When can fans anticipate a debut project?   Keemo: I’ll be dropping a few freestyles, then we’ll lead into my single, “ZeroTwoOneFour” which is a love song, with my lil twist to it. I’ve got a lil’ eight bar at the end, to finish it off. The album is slated to drop this summer.   AllHipHop: Thanks for your time Keemo. Before we wrap up, tell us where AHH readers can find you. What’s your IG/Twitter?    Keemo: You can find me at @therealkeemo on IG and @_therealkeemo on Twitter. On streaming sites search “Keemo” and my website is!