M Dot Taylor Talks Getting Game From Dr. Dre And Ice-T, Enlists Jim Jones & Maino For “Biggest Fan”

M Dot Taylor

AllHipHop spoke with M Dot Taylor to discuss his background, biggest influences, the making of “Biggest Fan,” losing both parents, goals, and more!

M Dot Taylor may have just released his biggest song to date: “Biggest Fan” featuring Jim Jones and Maino. Not only did he enlist two heavyweights in the rap game, but he showcases his standout vocals and ability to make a hit record. 

The official music video for “Biggest Fan” sees all three artists bringing the song to life, alongside beautiful females, jewelry, and a whole lotta money. The song is produced by legendary producer Zaytoven.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, but now residing in sunny Los Angeles, M Dot Taylor is a former military veteran, who now shifts his entire focus on his music career. Whether he’s rapping, singing, or songwriter, the rising star puts his best foot forward with each release.

When it comes to his sound, M Dot Taylor calls it “Gangster Harmony, because I’m a rapper but I do enjoying singing as well. I created a fusion of both genres to give off an authentic vibe of music that really represents my lifestyle and culture.”

AllHipHop spoke with M Dot Taylor to discuss his background, biggest influences, the making of “Biggest Fan,” losing both parents, goals, and more!

AllHipHop: Being from Detroit, how does that play into your life and career?

M Dot Taylor: Being from Detroit, I was blessed with the opportunity of being raised by stand up hustlers who made sure we had everything we needed all year round. I watched them not only shine in the summer, but grind in the winter with the temperatures being below zero at times. Still no matter what: if you don’t work, you don’t eat. You don’t grind, you don’t shine.

AllHipHop: Biggest influences?

M Dot Taylor: My biggest influences were my parents/grandparents before they passed away. They always kept it a buck with me and prepared me at a very young age to be a leader and to be there for my youth. Rest in peace to all of them.

AllHipHop: At what point did you realize this music thing was real?

M Dot Taylor: After my manager Hen Gee locked me in with Ice T and Dr Dre, I knew I was here to stay! Whenever you get the opportunity to meet not one, but two ICONIC figures in multiple industries, you can’t do anything but soak up game, apply it, and feel different. Shout out to Ice, Dre, and Hen. I got the coldest OGs in the game.

AllHipHop: What was the inspiration behind your name?

M Dot Taylor: The inspiration behind my artist name came from one of the Chiefs in the U.S Navy. When I was in the military, we grew accustomed to calling everyone by their last names. At this particular command I was at during the time (USS Harpers Ferry LSD 49), there were 5 other sailors with the same last name and same pay grade, so our uniforms would get mixed up in Laundry Call from time to time. I went to the uniform shop and got special name tags put on my uniforms with my first initial, a period, then my last name which read M.Taylor. The very next day, we had a uniform inspection and my chief noticed the change I made and immediately called me out, in a way and stated “We have a new sailer that wants to stand out, his name is M Dot Taylor.” Everyone laughed and started calling me M Dot or M Dot Taylor, so I just went with it. 

AllHipHop: “Biggest Fan” featuring Jim Jones & Maino, how did this collab come about?

M Dot Taylor: The “Biggest Fan” collab came about all because I wanted to work with Zaytoven, so I reached out to him and he made me a custom track with the exact vibe I requested. After he sent me the track I wanted to go to Atlanta to let him hear what I did right away. After he heard it, we talked about some more business moves that I got coming down the pipeline in the near future, then I tapped in with my Dipset family in NYC. I let them hear the track, and the Lobby Boyz told me to pull up to New York and let’s make it a movie. The rest was history. Shout out Jim, Maino, Zaytoven, Pone730, and my brother Will C.

AllHipHop: What do you like about both artists?

M Dot Taylor: What I like about Jim, Maino, and Zaytoven is they’re all attached to greatness and longevity, and they keep finding ways to stay on top of the game while maintaining the respect from their peers in the industry. It’s a lot of one hit wonders out there, but those 3 catalogs combined is crazy.

AllHipHop: What was the creative vision with the music video?

M Dot Taylor: Since it was my first time in NYC, I left all the creative concepts to Will C of Street Heat. He’s shot some of the biggest artists in the world and I completely trusted his vision. He gave us the authentic NY Bodega, front porch in the neighborhood vibes, along with some dope futuristic graphics.

AllHipHop: Best memory from the music video shoot?

M Dot Taylor: The best memory I have from the video shoot is looking around ,watching everyone have a good time. There were kids there, beautiful ladies, a lot of good energy from everyone there. That’s the vibe I always want to have whenever I’m involved.

AllHipHop: What do you want fans to take away from the “Biggest Fan” visual/single?

M Dot Taylor: That it’s okay to spoil the ones that adore you the most. Sometimes it’s not about you, it’s about paying it forward to those that ALWAYS hold you down.

AllHipHop: You lost both your parents, how is music a coping mechanism for you?

M Dot Taylor: Losing both of my parents right before Christmas both times was catastrophic for me early on. My mom died from AIDS on WORLD AIDS DAY 12/1/1999, and my father passed 12/19/2010 by going to sleep and not waking up. I was able to prepare myself for losing my mom, but my father’s death was unexpected, which made it even more tragic for me and my family. That’s the reason I left the military, and I pursued music because it offered me a safe space to talk about things that were hard for me to discuss with others, and it helped me heal.

AllHipHop: How did serving in the Navy make you into the person you are today?

M Dot Taylor: Serving in the Navy made me the person I am today because it gave me an incredible sense of time management and organization. I’m able to organize my days, plan properly, and I’m a master at thinking critically, and team building.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio?

M Dot Taylor: 1- My Engineer

2- Mary Jane

3- Food/Drinks

AllHipHop: Goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

M Dot Taylor: My only goal is to make a better version of myself each and every day, and I can achieve that as long as God wakes me up each day.