Miss Chee: No Limit’s Princess

Move over boys, Miss Chee is ready to take the mic! Backed by Master P and the rest of the No Limit Forever family, the up-and-coming femcee has been grindin’ hard, perfecting her craft and waiting for her time in the spotlight. Fierce, sexy and talented, Miss Chee is pure street and isn’t afraid to […]

Move over boys, Miss Chee is ready to take the mic! Backed by Master P and the rest of the No Limit Forever family, the up-and-coming femcee has been grindin’ hard, perfecting her craft and waiting for her time in the spotlight. Fierce, sexy and talented, Miss Chee is pure street and isn’t afraid to show it lyrically. But besides being able to spit tight verses, the authentic Georgia girl is a multi-talented musician and a skilled producer and songwriter.

Working on tracks for her LP release, Miss Chee is lending her vocals on a variety of efforts from her No Limit family, including Master P on their latest release “Boyfriend & Girlfriend.” Not only is she a great rapper, but she’s testing her skills at acting in Mater P’s upcoming movie Get Money. Poised to be the next bad ass female in hip-hop, Miss Chee is getting’ ready to take over with the help of Master P, who’s also gearing up his No Limit crew for big things come 2012. Here’s what P had to say about his talented artist, his new ventures and No Limit Forever.

Monstah aka Master P Ft. Miss Chee and Romeo “Google Me”
Romeo Ft. Miss Chee, Ace, Oak Tree and Kay I “The Statement”

AllHipHop.com: What did you see in Miss Chee that made you want to sign her?

Master P: Miss Chee is the beat female artist in the game right now. When I first came out Mia X was one of the baddest females ever to hit the mic. Her word play, the way she articulates and the way she delivers is real it’s street, it’s relatable, and I think that’s what it’s gonna take a big female artist to blow. I mean, Nicki Minaj did it at her level and now Miss Chee has an opportunity to do it for the next generation to take the game to the next level. I think a lot of females off the street can relate to her and her struggles. It ain’t no limit to what she could do.

AllHipHop.com: How did the idea for the track, “Boyfriend & Girlfriend,” come about?

Master P: I think it’s gonna be incredible. I don’t think there’s a song out at this time on the streets that men and women can relate to. She got incredible acting skills, which makes her so strong.  On the music side, she’s a beast on the mic. You have to have those delivery skills to have both men and women like you.

Miss Chee: We are showing people men and women can work together. He got my back just like I have his. We just are putting out something positive and being real at the same time.

AllHipHop.com: So what are your plans for her career?

Master P: I predict she’s gonna be the biggest female in the game. She’s a brand and opening up avenues and doors. Nicki Minaj is at the top right now and feel that with every Kobe Bryant come along a Lebron James, and Miss Chee is the next Lebron coming into the game now. With her work ethic, she’s unstoppable. Thanks to the power of the Internet she has an international fan base already. Before that was something that took you a long time to build.

AllHipHop.com: What’s it like working with Master P?

Miss Chee: Growing up, especially coming from the South and coming from the streets, all you heard was No Limit. It was like the soundtrack to my life. And now to be blessed with the opportunity to work with someone of his stature is truly a blessing. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t learn anything from him. A lot of people get titles, but the streets gave me my name and he just stamped it. I’m getting the chance to live out my dreams. What I lot of people don’t understand is it’s a business and there’s so much more behind the scenes. He’s not only teaching me that but also about life. Everyday I wake up I have to thank the man upstairs for putting me in this position.

AllHipHop.com: So who did you find out about Miss Chee’s talents?

Master P: One of my A&R guys from Atlanta had heard of her since she was grindin’ hard doing it on her own. Then Romeo rebranded the company to No Limits Forever and they got together and one thing led to the next. So this ended up being a family business and we made her a part of the family. We not running a race, we running a marathon. We want to find real artists. She was a diamond in the rough and now she’s polished to take over the game because she worked hard. We want those types of people who work out to overcome their environment and don’t mind grinding it out until it’s their time. And that’s what we did and now it’s our time. I did it once and am doing it again, but bigger ’cause of the new technology. We don’t care about who’s out there because there is enough for a lot of people.

Music is a timing thing. You gotta wait for it. She’s been doing that. We’re not in a rush. This is the next big artist of next year. She know she’s a star but she’s also humble and patiently waiting until the fans approver her. What we doing now is just hitting the road, getting music online, in the clubs on the radio then game over.

AllHipHop.com: What’s the journey been like, Miss Chee?

Miss Chee: Like he said. People don’t realize this is not something that happens overnight. I’ve been doing music since I was very young. My musical background is what really kept me out of these streets. I am from Zone 6 in Atlanta, which is a very rough neighborhood. But I made it out because I worked hard. I would do every show, all the clubs, and was grindin’ hard. I had other labels come at me but they didn’t fit me. As a female in the industry, you find people that don’t respect you. But I’m a testament that you don’t have to put yourself in an uncomfortable position to make it ahead in this game. When I finally did get contact from the No Limit family, it was a blessing. I found someone who respected me and believed in what I was doing. It’s a blessing to be with No Limit Forever.

Master P: I think what she said is also incredible too ’cause if you look good there’s a lot of males looking to take advantage of females in this business who can’t see. Here she came out of the same neighborhood as Gucci Mane and other artists and overcome the struggle. And for her to represent No Limit Forever and be the first lady of this next generation is a blessing for all of us.

AllHipHop.com: Do you have a particular musical style?

Miss Chee: I like to call my music “life music” because we’re talking about real situations that people go through everyday. I feel that things that you see on TV are not attainable and people who haven’t lived that lifestyle won’t understand that. It’s okay to talk about the struggle and everyday situations. For me, music is my medicine, what got me out. I’m just a walking testament that with my music you can really do something with yourself.

AllHipHop.com: What sets you apart from other female MCs?

Miss Chee: I’m just me, honestly. I don’t try to be anything that I’m not. I don’t talk things I haven’t seen or been through. I’m a rough diamond.

Master P: Her music is more for the streets, and I don’t hear a lot of female artists talking about that. She’s versatile, but her foundation is the streets. I’m the king of the streets and she’s the queen. Like me, she’ll always have a connection to the hood no matter how many money she makes.

AllHipHop.com: So what’s next for Miss Chee?

Master P: The main thing right now that we’re doing is we dumping sometime every week online and building that brand. You can hate us now but we gonna keep dumping on you ’til you love us. Her music speaks for itself. We got another mixtape called “Bonnie and Clyde” coming out soon. She’s all over the movie soundtrack, so you defintiley are gonna hear her on that. We’re building her fan base. 2012 is No Limit time and it’s Miss Chee time.

AllHipHop.com: Are you still working on your TV network, P?

Master P: Yup, I’ve been dealing with distribution companies lately. We in the middle of it. Music is my life and no matter how I grow, I’m always going to be looked on as a person who comes from the music world. I’ve grown to be able to see other things and know what the game is missing and want to help the next generation open doors to bigger projects. There’s not many African-American networks for us. We gonna have talk shows, videos, movies, sitcoms, health shows, finance shows and more.

AllHipHop.com: What about the new No Limit Forever Records? How is it different from before and what’s its current place in hip-hop?

Master P: It’s a new army and we ready to take over these streets because it’s our time. We have all the tools and talent to make it work and that’s when music gets to be exciting. To come from the ’90s and still be relevant in the 2000s, I feel like Benjamin Button around here and got some young legs with me here like Miss Chee. You know what I’m sayin’? I feel the game is ours. We married to the money. It’s like business and we gonna get out here and get this money. We gonna change the game again. We building a bigger fan base every week and our goal here now is to be able to reach billions of people internationally. Right now, we got our eyes on some international artists and expanding globally. We looking for new talent, too, so submit your stuff if you think you can be part of our family. Submit your stuff at nolimitforeverrecords.com. We back…the takeover!