MoneySign Suede Talks “Parkside Baby,” Representing His Mexican Culture & Madeintyo’s Influence

MoneySign Suede

AllHipHop caught up with Moneysign Suede in downtown Los Angeles. Read below as we discuss his roots in Los Angeles, Madeintyo’s influence, how he got his name, the new project, love for pizza, goals, and more!

On MoneySign Suede’s newest visual for “Millions,” he spits, “You ain’t from where you from, this the gutter. I’m tryna get rich before I die, for my mother. Aye, I’m sliding with the robbers and the gunners. Free my n*gga Polo, let him out I miss my brother.”

The track hails from MoneySign Suede’s most recent project titled Parkside Baby, named after his hometown of Huntington Park, Los Angeles. Clocking in at 15 tracks, the project sees the Los Angeles native in his most vulnerable state, as he spits his truth and wears his heart on his sleeve with each record. 

In describing himself, MoneySign Suede states he’s a “young rapper from LA, young Mexican. One of the first Mexicans to do this s### for real, the way I’m trying to do it. Mainstream, I really want to get up there. Parkside baby, the chosen one. I want to be big. I want to make history, I want to be legendary. I want to be on some other s###, I’m not a typical rapper.”

And while it’s only been 6 years since the 22-year-old started rapping, music has proven to be his saving grace from the streets. To date, he already has standout collaborations with Ty Dolla $ign, Remble, Fenix Flexin, and more.

AllHipHop caught up with Moneysign Suede in downtown Los Angeles. Read below as we discuss his roots in Los Angeles, Madeintyo’s influence, how he got his name, the new project, love for pizza, goals, and more!

AllHipHop: You say you’re not a typical rapper, what sets you apart?

MoneySign Suede: What sets me apart is I’m not a rapper. I’m just different. I’ve been different. Everybody says they’re different though, but I’m really different. I don’t even know how to explain it.

AllHipHop: What was it like growing up in Huntington Park? That’s close to here right?

MoneySign Suede: It’s pretty close right here, 20 minutes away from downtown. It was cool. I moved to HP when I was 10.

AllHipHop: Where were you born then?

MoneySign Suede: I was born in Montebello, random as f###. But my first house that I lived at was South Central, so I really grew up in South Central. My past memories, the furthest I could think of, I could only really think about HP. I was little, I don’t really remember before.

AllHipHop: When did you fall in love with music? 

MoneySign Suede: When I was 16. I’ve been loved music. I started rapping when I was 16. I wanted to do it, be big and make it.

AllHipHop: Are there certain rappers that made you want to do music also?

MoneySign Suede: There’s a couple of certain rappers. First off, one I always say and give a shoutout to is Madeintyo. I remember that whole little phase, “Uber Everywhere” and all that. That old type of little rap, I just wanted to rap. I went to one of his shows at The Novo, he had $5 tickets.

AllHipHop: I feel like I was there! 

MoneySign Suede: For real? Yeah, that was a cool ass night. It was my first rap show. I got motivated like f###, that s### looks cool to be up there. Ever since then, I wanted to be a rapper.

AllHipHop: How did you guys tap in?

MoneySign Suede: Honestly, I was on my Gram and I put a Story up. I tagged them: “everybody go thank Madeintyo.” In his comments, tell him “thank you because you made Suede start rapping.” He responded like “whoa, that’s crazy. That’s love.” We ended up locking in, he’s cool as f###. I’m cool with his brother too, 24Hrs.

 Moneysign Suede – Millions (Official Music Video)

AllHipHop: How’d you get your name? 

MoneySign Suede: It’s because I used to tag. I got my name from tagging. I remember all the homies started tagging, everybody had a tagging name already. I didn’t have no tagging name. I remember before Suede, we tried a couple of different names. I remember Slim was going to be my name. I’m like nah, that’s not it. 

We’re trying to find a name. I looked at my Puma suede the shoes, and I see suede on the side. Since then, I started tagging Suede and it just looked right. I stuck with it. I started rapping and stayed with the name. Got it from tagging though.

AllHipHop: Debut project Parkside Baby out now, how are you feeling?

MoneySign Suede: Man, I feel good. My first project that we really worked on and put together. I’m happy because a n*gga been working hard. I’ve been working hard for this s###.

AllHipHop: I saw your Instagram post saying you went through a lot of pain. How was this album an outlet?

MoneySign Suede: I recorded this tape ever since I came out of jail. Just by coming out of jail, I was really motivated. My mindset was: I gotta go hard for me. That was last May. Being out of jail, just trying to make the best music I could make. It all came together.

AllHipHop: How long were you locked up for?

MoneySign Suede: I did 12 months. Just some b#######. 

AllHipHop: What’d you learn from behind bars?

MoneySign Suede: It’s crazy. I could say a lot, but one thing I could for sure say on top of my head right now is I learned patience. I learned how to appreciate things more, like family and the little things.

AllHipHop: You got crazy features, including Ty Dolla $ign. How’d that happen?

MoneySign Suede: Shout out Ty Dolla Sign up. He showed love, that s###’s crazy. Matter of fact, my homie Gary took me to meet him. That day, he was just cooking up. Gary made it happen. He linked us up and we were f###### with each other. He hopped on one of my songs, I hopped on one of his.

AllHipHop: That’s big!

MoneySign Suede: That’s big as f###! Coming from HP, well I think for everybody it’s big. He’s a legend, it’s crazy to me still. Shout out Ty$ for real.

AllHipHop: You got your zip code tatted on you? 

MoneySign Suede: Yeah, my city. 90255!

AllHipHop: Did your parents trip about the face tats? 

MoneySign Suede: Nah, not really. I came out of jail with face tats. I came out of jail with the money sign on my hair and bottom of my eyes. My mom wasn’t really tripping because I was fresh out. She can’t get mad, I was fresh out. She was happy.

AllHipHop: What’s one thing you want fans to get from the project? 

MoneySign Suede: I just hope they like my s### and they can relate. I hope it makes them feel better, gain motivation from it. Because I can motivate and talk about real s###. I feel like they do get motivated, so motivation.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio at all times? 

MoneySign Suede: S###. Weed for sure. Pizza. Every time I hit the studio, I always buy pizza. That’s everyday. I like all pizza. I love pizza like crazy. 

AllHipHop: You know Lil Yachty says he only eats pizza every day? 

MoneySign Suede: I’m really like Lil Yachty, that’s my twin right there. That’s literally all I eat. [laughs] Lil Yachty’s my twin, he gotta f### with me. Weed, pizza, and good energy. That’s it.

AllHipHop: Best encounter you have with a fan? 

MoneySign Suede: Low key, I have a lot of stories. The best one I can really think of on top of my head right now, fans be showing love. I appreciate all of them. Every time I meet fans, I appreciate it. It’s crazy to me every single time still like damn, people really f### me.

AllHipHop: Do you have any goals?

MoneySign Suede: Man, I have a lot of goals. Straight up, I’ll sound crazy if I saw them all. One big goal I have is to become not only rich, but wealthy. I want to be the one that’s going to help the next generations of everybody around me. I’m the one to make it and help everybody around me. Since everybody’s going to be on around me, each single person is going to put everybody on around them. I could really start that, start the next generation of the city and the family. That’s my ultimate goal.

AllHipHop: What can we expect next?

MoneySign Suede: Right now man, we’re working overtime in the studio. Because I’m fighting some cases, I might have to turn myself in soon. Again. B####### man, but I’ll be good though. Probably go in for a year and some change. We’re working though. We stacking videos, we’re stacking good music. We’re working every day, trying to leave s### behind.

AllHipHop: Anything else you want to let us know?

MoneySign Suede: Parkside Baby, the chosen one. Go get that s###. Go stream it, all the way up. We’re the realist out here man for real. F### these rappers man. Realist out here. You hear about us, see about us, all that.