S. Fresh: Like A Million Bucks

This time last year we knew very little about the Louisiana Artist known as, S Fresh; Grambling University graduate and CEO of So Slimm Entertainment with a few tracks here and there, including, “Ask Dem.” Would you believe that within the time that has passed, S Fresh has released two videos, collaborated with two very […]


time last year we knew very little about the Louisiana Artist known as, S

Fresh; Grambling University graduate and CEO of So Slimm Entertainment with a

few tracks here and there, including, “Ask Dem.” Would you believe that within

the time that has passed, S Fresh has released two videos, collaborated with

two very influential artists of their genre and featured in XXL Magazine?Everyone has their own blueprint when it comes to establishing a fan base in

the industry and making moves; S Fresh’s moves have been documented and noted –

don’t sleep!Music/VideoS Fresh Ft. Lloyd and Lola – Boss Chick

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AllHipHop.com: You’ve been a very

busy man since last talking with you. A track & video released for, “Venom”

which featured Rick Ross and also another track, “Boss Chick” with Lloyd and

Lola – that’s dope! Besides the recent video that you released (“Boss Chick”),

what else has S Fresh been up to?


S Fresh: I’m working on my mix-tape,

finishing it up actually, that should be dropping within the next month

entitled, “The Take Off”; sometime around the end of June.


AllHipHop.com: What’s up with you

and concerts? Have you been doing performances lately?


S Fresh: Yeah, I’ve been doing some shows. I

actually have a show Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta. I did like three shows in

Houston a few weeks ago, right before that I think I had a couple of shows in

Dallas that I was doing  – trying to stay

on the road and on stage.


AllHipHop.com: Yeah, I recall you

tweeting about doing shows in Houston and linking with the GO DJs, Houston

Chapter. Your buzz has increased within the last year or so, are you noticing

that change while you’re on the road and doing these shows?


S Fresh: As far as the buzz, it just seems

like more people are familiar with me this time around as I’m hitting the road,

including Texas, Atlanta and Alabama. With me being in more publications people

are noticing me as an Artist even more verses from when I first came out and

just opening for people. People are getting at me more and it just seems things

are coming to a full circle.


AllHipHop.com: You were featured

in XXL’s May 2010 Issue with Nicki Minaj and Drake on the cover on page 83 as

one of Digiwaxx Media’s “Who’s Hot” Artists, how did you feel about that and

how has the response been from you being in it?


SF: Yeah, it was alright! I got a lot of calls

about it from people here and there to like tell me about it and let me know

that they read it. It just depends on where I’m at when it comes to me being

recognized from it. I got a lot of love from it though. It’s been a good

response so far.


AllHipHop.com: Speaking of XXL,

their Freshmen Class cover is something highly favorite by up and coming Artists,

do you see yourself one day on the cover – or better yet, would you want to be

on the cover as a part of the Freshmen Class? Do you feel your career has

exceeded you getting recognized on the cover with that title?


S Fresh: That’s basically one of my goals,

like to even be on a cover of a Magazine – rather it be with a Freshmen Class

or on the cover by myself, ya know? That’s like one of the goals that I set out

to accomplish before I even started doing the music. So basically, that is one

of my goals; to not even accomplish it would be like a failure to me. To have a

cover done, I would humble about the situation; it’s one of my goals on my

agenda for sure though.


AllHipHop.com: So what are some

of your other goals that you have set for yourself as an Artist? Ones that you

may have accomplished or ones you are striving to accomplish?


S Fresh: I’m looking to be recognized

amongst most of my peers as far as an Entertainer. I’m looking to just be a

successful Artist and progress every year and to have the work show for it.


AllHipHop.com: Let’s talk about

your connections, I mean to have Rick Ross, Lloyd and Lola to get on a track

with you is rather huge for an Indie Artist – how did you make that happen?


S Fresh: The situation with Ross is, like

last year or maybe the year before that, I met his manager and Ross performed

at like concerts that I was also performing at and we established a

relationship. I just felt like someone of his caliber should be on my track and

eventually we just got in and made everything happen. I was trying to make

something that was next level and I knew he could take it there. I went to

College (Grambling State University) with Lloyd’s cousin, so that’s how I

linked up with him. He and Lola are friends and it just all came together.

“Boss Chick” was originally released in 2008 and Rasheeda had a track out with

the same title so I kind of held off on pushing the track but I eventually just

went in and kind of changed the format of it, I added a little more female

flirt to it.


AllHipHop.com: Word! So would you

ever release the older version or is that just like in the vaults?


S Fresh: Actually, it has been released,

like two years ago on the net it was released. It is also on an older mix-tape

that I had done which is hosted by GO DJ Big Tho out of Houston.


AllHipHop.com: Who do you have

hosting, “The Take Off”?


S Fresh: It was slated to have DJ Drama host

it but we just haven’t had the opportunity to really link – but it was supposed

to be a Gansta Grills mix-tape. That was the plan.


AllHipHop.com: Will there be any

features on this mix-tape?


S Fresh: NO features! My last few mix-tapes

had features on them and I just don’t want it this time. People’s attention

span is so short (laughing) and sometimes they want the features to even listen

but I think my name is good enough now. Besides the two records that everybody

has already heard, ”Venom” and “Boss Chick”, there will be no features. None

period – it will all just be me!


AllHipHop.com: Production wise,

who have you been working with?


S Fresh: I’ve worked in-house; The

Transformers who did the Venom track. Actually, they established a good

relationship with Rick Ross, they signed a deal with Maybach Music Label with

Ross. I also worked with Drumma Boy on this compilation – and a few other

in-house cats. I try to keep my production in-house as much as possible.


AllHipHop.com: How do you feel

about Rap Beefs within the industry? Do you have a beef with any Artist right now?


S Fresh: I’ve never been one to really get

into the whole beef thing, period. It’s just certain lines that you just don’t

cross and I just don’t get involved with that stuff, period. I don’t have a

beef with anyone and no one has a beef with me. I’m more, business is business

and personal is personal, so I feel like if anyone has a beef with me its real

and not one of those things where we just beef because its rap. I deal with

real life situations and just don’t try to have beefs with anyone in any

fashion. I don’t even get into all of that; I’m very laid back, ya know? I

don’t even play with that beef stuff, like that.


AllHipHop.com: Word! Speaking of

other Artists, who is S Fresh checking for right now? Who do you listen to

that’s up and coming?


S Fresh: I’m checking out this new Wiz

Khalifa. I don’t know, that’s kind of hard. Who else am I checking on? Oh! I do

cut for Nipsey Hustle, I like his music. 

He’s someone I would want to work with one day. There really is no one

else, besides mainstream stuff. But as far as up and coming, that’s it.


AllHipHop.com: Are you involving

yourself and participating in any up and coming DJ networking events?


S Fresh: I try to show my face at a few

events, like this other Core DJ Event. The GO DJs Conference, I will def try to

hit them up. They support my music and help with spins. So I’ll be a part of

whatever they have going on for sure.


AllHipHop.com: Wrapping up this

interview, I do want to thank you for your time and much congrats to your

accomplishments thus far and best of luck to future adventures; did you have

any last words you wanted to plug for the readers?


S Fresh: Just be on the lookout for my next

mix-tape, “The Take Off” and that’s really about it – just look out for it!



S Fresh on twitter: www.twitter.com/ItsSFresh