Singer Rasheeda Wallace Takes Her “Street Soul” To The Masses After Playing The Background

Rasheeda Wallace

Rasheeda Wallace has stepped up to represent herself as a singer after helping the careers of numerous super stars and social media influencers.

Rasheeda Wallace is a modern-day Renaissance woman. She is well known to play the background, behind many of the biggest names in music, entertainment and social media as a public relations and branding consultant. Recently, she has yielded to her calling as a singer-songwriter leveraging her work with Chaka Khan and a host of other Grammy winning artists and producers. Now, she moves forward into her own greatness with a new single, “Rafters.” We chatted with the very grown and very sexy New York native to gather how she found her way after helping so many on their journeys.

AllHipHop: Tell us how you transitioned into an artist. 

Rasheeda Wallace: Well, first I was born to sing . I discovered my own talent at the age of 12 . I then pursued my music endeavor when I hit 13 years of age.  I, then won the Apollo show 3 times and I knew then that I would be rocking stages everywhere and this is what I really wanted to do.  I stepped in the Marketing and branding world because I wasn’t getting the support I needed.  I learned what was needed to be successful in the business so I started seeing others who needed help so I started putting my energy into their careers when I wasn’t receiving it for myself.  

AllHipHop: Have people accepted this new version of you?

Rasheeda Wallace: Yes, I’m getting alot of love from new people that I’ve met recently and a few fans from back in the day but there are alot of people that didn’t know that I sing because I was putting my PR/ Marketing executive hat on and doing my thing in that arena.  But, now I’m back baby and showing every creative and business part of me.

AllHipHop: What resistance have you encountered?

Rasheeda Wallace: I have encountered some hateration from people that found out that I blow it down on the mic and it’s weird.  I have also encountered people that didn’t fully believe in me in the early 2000s are now more supportive because they see thicker and fuller women in the limelight. Shout out to Lizzo and other emerging artists.  It’s sad that I had to encounter prejudices in this business when I started.  There were always words that were said to me like “you’re cute in the face,” and “you’re a pretty girl gotta lose the weight” and stuff like that.

 AllHipHop: How do you explain your singing style? 

Rasheeda Wallace: My singing style is what I call “Street Soul,” which I started that in 2003/2004 when I first started recording my first EP.  The sound is a raw edgy, but sultry feel. 

AllHipHop In your opinion, is R&B dead? Do you feel like you will help push it forward?

Rasheeda Wallace: No, I don’t believe that R&B is dead at all.  I believe if artists stop copying the new trappy non-singing sound and labels keep pushing the same ol’ sh#t, we can do amazing things.

AllHipHop: Who are your top 5 Dead or Alive singers?

Rasheeda Wallace: My top 5 – not in order – are”

Mary J. Blige, because of her grit and feeling in every word she sings.

Chaka Khan for her sultry range is second to none.

Ledisi, people sleep on her soulful voice.

Lauryn Hill. I love her tone and her vocal runs, her writing style and versatility. 

Jazmine Sullivan is just getting her respect for her her down-to-Earth relatability and forwardness 

AllHipHop: What are your ultimate goals?

Rasheeda Wallace: You seem like you are hustling in many directions?    

My ultimate goal is to create a world that I can have people live in through my eyes, sounds and experiences.  That’s through creating good dope ass classic music, inspiring and motivating others by teaching how to Get into Land buying and developing while owning and also helping other progress in their careers such as I did through my marketing branding and Public relations services over 8 years ago.   So my hustle is not a hustle itsa a lifestyle.  I make sure whatever I do I manifest it, believe it and walk in my purpose just knowing that it shall be done.  So it’s music, Acting, modeling, land developing and opening up essential businesses, producing TV shows etc.