SKG Hits Hard With Dave East, Weed & Patron, And A Familial Link To The Crips


SKG drops a bomb on Hip-Hop with a hot song with Dave East. Get to know her!

SKG is the latest lady to enter the fray of the woman-dominated landscape of Hip-Hop, but she is bringing something unique. First of all, she now drops a hot, new song with Dave East, “Weed and Patron” and a special angle. Some stuff, however, is universal.  She explains both sides of her persona and career in this exclusive interview.

AllHipHop: Tell people a bit about yourself?

SKG: I’m a female rapper from Los Angeles representing the West Coast, but I’ve been heavily influenced by the East Coast as well as the south. I love hip hop, the culture and the people that influence our culture.  

AllHipHop: How would you describe your style?

SKG: I feel my style is versatile I talk about my life experiences both good and bad.

AllHipHop: How did you link up with Dave East on “Weed and Patron,” your new single?

SKG: Honestly, I linked with Dave East because we had mutual friends. Zab Judah, P Hef and Brian Adams. Great guys who seen my grind and respected it and helped me connect the dots to get Dave East on the song with me.  When I was in the studio with my producer Caviar and he played the record the first person that came to mind was Dave East for the feature we knew off top it would be a great fit showing talent from both the Westcoast to the East Coast. 

AllHipHop: What set you repping and how does that factor in your music?

Honestly I rep GOD! But growing up in Los Angeles you sometimes get influenced from your surroundings and environments. My grandparents moved from New York to LA in the 1960s and they moved to an area that’s called Crenshaw and Slauson which represents the Crips. I come from a generational family over there in that area and also I come from a generational family from king and western which represents the Harlem crips. Honestly, I grew up where I grew up and I love showcasing the culture but no matter where we grew up at or what side we represent we have to stick together because when it’s all said and done it’s much bigger than the area you’re from. 

AllHipHop: What do you ultimately want to accomplish in this game?

SKG: I want to open the flood gates for female rappers coming out the West Coast. I feel it’s enough here for everyone to eat. If you really look at the dynamics of the game on the west we don’t have a lot of females that’s been showed love and support in the rap game. So I want to be the one that come and show my skills then Help the next female rapper from my city get on and have her extended a hand to the female coming after her. Basically I want to be the olive branch. 

AllHipHop: Final words

SKG: Make sure you support me and follow me on Instagram @heleciachoyce Much Love!  

Instagram: @heleciachoyce