Sosh B: The Ladies Man Gangsta

Coming into this game with songs geared towards other artists and their situation sounds a lot like another rapper from Queens we all know and love. Although Sosh claims he’s not trying to get at peoples fitted jeans in a bunch, he is stating some facts that has gotten the internet buzzing. With his one […]

Coming into this game with songs geared towards other artists and their situation sounds a lot like another rapper from Queens we all know and love. Although Sosh claims he’s not trying to get at peoples fitted jeans in a bunch, he is stating some facts that has gotten the internet buzzing. With his one track called “No Co-Sign” to “Exhibit S” Sosh has come out with a lot to say and is actually being heard. Being involved professionally with Hip-Hop for some time now, he’s learned a few things and observed even more. One thing Sosh does claim to be is a lover of the ladies and creating that music that the females can enjoy. I guess he learned it from the best, shout out to LL. Sosh garnered some attention from DJ Envy and Kay Slay and produced some mixtapes with their help. With his music ranging from songs about women, the city and his place in the industry he shows the same type of content reminiscent of MC’s from back in the day. At the end of the day Sosh is a Queens-bred rapper giving that old gutter edge back to the music. Music/VideoSosh B “Track Meet”Sosh B Ft. Grafh “What Cha Talkin Bout Remix”

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video player  First off, let’s discuss your stage name. How did you get it?Sosh B:  My friends call me Sosh a.k.a. Bacardi and I put it together. I made it shorter to Sosh B. because when I went to shows and stuff they thought it too long so they cut it down. I got the name from my man Suave out in Queens. He was just a neighborhood cat that always gave nicknames to people in the hood. It just stuck. I asked him “What the hell does Sosh mean?” He told me that I just look cool as hell and I looked like a Sosh. Now I made it into an acronym meaning So Original So Hood. I put my own twist on it. I had the name since I was about ten years old. Speak about your come up and how you got to where you are now.Sosh B:  I’ve been doing it for a while. I was attached to Onyx back in the day.  Jeffrey Harris was their manager and doing the “kiddie group” thing back then. I branched off and started to do my thing. I started to play ball. Then I linked up with Grafh and Black Hand. I linked up with them and got my first feature. My first feature I ever did was with Busta Rhymes through them. I remember thinking to myself “I must be good if Busta let me go in on the track. I’m gonna start pursuing this for real.” I then branched off again because they were putting a lot of effort behind Graf. He’s a dope artist I can’t deny that. It just made me want to go and seek somebody out to do that for me. I went and found my team that was behind me and pushing me hard in Queens. We have posters up all over Jamaica Avenue. We’re right there on Merrick and Linden. That’s my hood right there. Sutphin Boulevard as well, I’m deep in Queens. Right now we’re trying to kick it up a notch and take it back to when you used to see posters and stuff up. Nobody’s really doing that right now. This way you can take over the internet and the streets at the same time. That’s what I’m doing in Queens as of right now. What would you say Queens brings to your music?Sosh B: What Queens brings is that fly aspect. I wouldn’t even say swag because that’s so saturated right now. I would say fly aspect for the ladies and lyricism. My Queens fore-fathers before me like Nas and LL, my family is from Farmers so I took little bits and pieces from people that are from Queens. You have to especially get the aspect of the ladies because you got to get the ladies. In Queens we do that. Make it from the street to the club; just like going from after hours to the club. It’s got to be the same thing. That’s how I treat my music. Queens we’re always going to be like that. Take it from the streets to the clubs, just trying to provide good concepts and music. Would you say you’re trying to play the part of the ladies man?Sosh B: Yea, ladies buy records. Plus I love the ladies. That’s just me. I got songs talking about giving fat girls love. Then I can talk about my daughter. I can talk about the first time my heart got broken. That’s why a lot of people don’t relate to artists because they don’t give up their everyday experience. The ones that are winning, they do that. I hope everybody has been in a relationship at least once.  You got to cater to the women, definitely. How did you get up with DJ Kay Slay and Sha Money XL?Sosh B: Kay knew me from back when I was with Black Hand. I was actually in a cipher on Hot 97 when they could actually let artists come upstairs. I was on the cipher with Shellz, Grafh and Kanye. I did my thing, everybody did they thing. We kept in touch from then on and I just reached out to him recently. I had Envy doing my mixtape.  I thought to myself, I need the streets to show me some love too. I reached out to him and he did it. He hosted my whole joint. The deal with Sha is I’m reaching out to everybody in Queens. I know certain people that I know in the game. For instance Steve Raze, he’s a good dude and that’s his people. In Queens we gotta have some brotherly love. Hopefully Steve can speak to him. I can reach out to him and he can give me a shot. I like Sha. I like what he brings to the game. He’s about people that can bring some substance to the game. It’s about longevity and that’s what I’m about. I’m not some fly by night type of dude. I really appreciate the work that Sha puts out and Steve. Maybe they can make that link happen.  With that being said you have a song called “No Co-Sign,” yet you’re looking for one. Discuss more about the song and the situation.Sosh B: That was a song that I made that got a lot of buzz on the Internet. It was from the heart and it was frustration. It was about how you got Drake who has Lil Wayne; J. Cole who has Jay-Z; Jay Electronica has Just Blaze and they all have somebody that’s saying they’re hot. I’m not going to lie they’re hot, they sick but I’m just saying I don’t have that. When I say no co-sign I’m saying I’m doing everything by myself. Everything that I’m doing, I’ve done it. I don’t have a co-sign. I would love one; I would never say I wouldn’t take one. As of my career right now I’ve done it to the point of just pure grind. Even with the Kay Slay’s and the Envy’s, they’re DJ’s. Unless they do like how they did with Papoose. I think that was beautiful. Kay took Papoose and made him his artist. Nobody is doing that, they know I’m nice, but that’s the whole no co-sign theory.  Discuss more about your mixtape with Envy.Sosh B:  The joint with Envy is called “151 Proof.” The joint with Kay Slay is called the “Hangover”. The one with Envy is just about giving it up to day to day life. Just my activities and things I go through in my life. It was about the recession and how that was bothering me. I touched on a lot of aspects on the album. The mixtape I threw it out there on the Internet so people could know cats from Queens were here rocking it.  What’s with “Exhibit S”?Sosh B:  “Exhibit S” was another thing. I don’t want cats thinking that I’m picking fights for attention. Jay Electronica is nice, I just didn’t feel that line he said about New York. It was like c’mon man who you talking to? You’re nice but c’mon. Nobody stepped up to him either. Diddy and Mos Def they’re all on stage with this dude. They didn’t tell him to retract that line? People get so happy to hear a spitter, they forget what the hell the concept was of that song. That wasn’t just bashing New York, but he slipped it in there. I don’t like that. When you talk about New York I’m going to say something. I’m not the one that’s just going to let it slide. That’s my point about that. You wouldn’t say that you’re trying to burn bridges with anybody? You do have “No Co- Sign” and “Exhibit S” and you’re from Queens like 50 whom started off his career with picking fights.Sosh B: No, not at all. I don’t know I just can’t bite my tongue on certain things. If you check my song “No Co-Sign” you’ll see I never said these dudes are wack. I’m just saying if you’re giving them a shot, you should look over here too and give me a shot. That’s all I’m saying. The Jay Electronica one I wasn’t feeling that. Son is nice, I’ll say son is nice, but I was not feeling that. I’m nice too so I feel I can say something. He’s in the same boat as me. He may have a deal he may not; I just feel that I’m just as good. I would never go and say something like “New Orleans” you all should just stay under the water.” I wouldn’t say something like that. We’re not jacking nobodies slang. If anything we create it. What is something you’d like to happen that would really help your career?Sosh B: I just want to be heard. I’m not one of those artists that is going to say I need a million dollars because my budget is low. I think my music is good enough that it will touch somebody. I really need to be heard. I need my buzz to be bigger. I need people to pay attention to what I’m saying. That’s what is next for me; me creating a bigger buzz for myself. I’m not asking for anything astronomical. No big figures and stuff like that. I’ll make it work. Whenever somebody does reach out and wants to do something with me I’ll make it work. I know I have that product that will make fans happy. I just want to be heard and get my buzz up. Follow Sosh B at