TiaCorine: From Recording On Her Couch To Performing Rolling Loud Miami


Rising rapper Tiacorine talks about performing at Rolling Loud, signing to South Coast Music Group and more! Read up!

TiaCorine’s “Lotto” became an instant viral phenomenon… so it’s only right she got the biggest artist in the game on the rap game remix: DaBaby.

The music video itself is as vibrant and colorful as her personality and persona, as both artists are seen at the casino table playing poker with strippers in the backdrop.

Hailing from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the rising star paves her own lane in the music industry, creating her own coined genre titled anime trap — which she describes as “bubbly but hardcore at the same time.” Pink, passionate, just like a cartoon. The turning point happened in fourth grade when she sang “Happy” by Ashanti at a talent show, revealing her undeniable talents to her schoolmates and peers.

Tia is currently with South Coast Music Group, the management company who works with the likes of DaBaby and Toosii. On the heels of unleashing the deluxe to her project 34Corine, inspired directly by her loyalty to her hometown, Tia releases her newest music video for “Bo Time.”

AllHipHop caught up with TiaCorine in downtown Los Angeles, where Kenny Beats brought her out as a special guest to shut down the stage. Read below as we discuss the grind, how she landed at South Coast Music Group, “Lotto” remix with DaBaby, her favorite artists, performing Rolling Loud Miami, new release “Pancakes” on the horizon, and more!

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AllHipHop: I saw you post you used to record on the couch in your apartment, what was Tia like that?

TiaCorine: Tia is the same Tia, I was probably grinding a little bit more. I was in school, I’m working, being a mom. Now, it’s still even more work. I used to think “oh things would get easier,” but it gets harder. It’s more work, but I’m reaping the benefits. It’s still the same Tia, hustle mode.

AllHipHop: How did you end up at South Coast Music Group?

TiaCorine: Flip and Arnold both co-manage me. I ran into Flip at a show because I was there at the same time as Toosii. He said “yo, I want a feature with her.” His manager asked me what my name was, he said “wait a second, I was just looking at your page. You got this song, it’s going up. It’s crazy, you got management?” At the same time Arnold’s in my DMs like “ayo, I’m watching you.” I’m like “who’s this?” Seen he’s DaBaby’s manager. I told Arnold and Flip about each other, they said “oh we work together anyway. Let’s get together and work with you.” I said alright, and that’s how it happened.

AllHipHop: Did you have management prior to that?

TiaCorine: Nah, I was doing this all myself. A lot of it was luck: being there at the right time, being social, being nice. People seeing me grinding for myself wanted to help me. When the opportunity was represented, I went 100%. I give 100%. It’s timing, what’s meant to be will.

AllHipHop: “Lotto” remix with DaBaby out now, how are you feeling?

TiaCorine: It was crazy. It’s unfortunate with all the stuff going on now, I’m hot. But when it first happened, I’m like yes! It’s crazy, how did this happen? I still look at it as an accomplishment. It’s still a good feeling.

AllHipHop: Where was the video shot? Best memory from shooting?

TiaCorine: It was shot here in LA. The muscle suit at the end was the funnest part because I went so crazy. Hercules Tia, I was really beating people up. I had to lift someone and they said “lift me hard, it’s okay. Push me in the face.” Um, I don’t want to hurt you.

AllHipHop: You like comics and anime, were you channeling a certain character?

TiaCorine: Oh yeah! Especially at the end, I’m like aghhh! [laughs]

AllHipHop: Do you write or freestyle?

TiaCorine: I do a mixture of both, I write and I freestyle.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio?

TiaCorine: Water, chapstick and some alcohol.

AllHipHop: Top artists in rotation currently?

TiaCorine: Pierre Bourne, SZA, it’s somebody else everyday. I’ve been listening to Willow, her new s###’s fire. She’s really eccentric and free, I love that.

AllHipHop: I saw you wanted to get Young Nudy on a track, did that happen?

TiaCorine: Yeah, of course you gotta pay him. He gave me a good price, just thinking about who he is. I’m gathering my coins together, but it could happen.

AllHipHop: Anyone else you want to work with?

TiaCorine: Of course I want to work with Pierre Bourne. Of course I want to work with Trippie Redd. I definitely want to work with SZA, and I want to work with Rico Nasty. I want to see what we can make together.

AllHipHop: What can we expect next from you?

TiaCorine: I got a video coming out. “Pancakes” is done so dropping that soon, it’s off the deluxe. 34Corine was the EP and The Saga was the deluxe, “Pancakes” is with Bankroll and Diego. I’m working on another project and I’m working on my first album. I have a show on September 20th in New York at SOB’s. I just got added onto Broccoli City Fest October 2nd. I got Rolling Loud, Day N Vegas, then Rolling Loud again. I have a brand deal with Bojanlges and that commercial is coming soon as well.

AllHipHop: How was it performing at Rolling Loud Miami?

TiaCorine: Yeah, it was people running across the field trying to catch the performance because I was the first one to perform on that stage. It had just opened. My friend had a VIP pass, but it miles long. People were missing it, it took forever to get in. It took me forever to get in! But the people that were there, they knew word for word. They were screaming “don’t give a f###!” That felt good. Oh my gosh, y’all really f### with me.