TrapGameCrazzy Explains Why He Named His Project “Legalize Trapping”


AllHipHop caught up with TrapGameCrazzy to discuss growing up in Mississippi, falling in love with music, how he got his name, his project “Legalize Trapping” and more. 

When you have a moniker like TrapGameCrazzy, the name speaks for itself. 

Hailing from Columbus, Mississippi, the rising star prides himself in being both a trapper and rapper, detailing his life experience in his rhymes and inspiring his fans along the way. Being independent and having to overcome endless obstacles that come with life in the streets, TGC is the definition of self-made.

In describing himself, TGC states he’s “the livest trapper in the industry, the most active. I put my all into it, that’s all I do everyday. I’m a Godly person. I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a hustler. I’m loyal, I’m adventurous. I’m one-of-a-kind, a person you don’t meet every day.”

Most recently, TGC unveiled his new project titled Legalize Trapping, a 10-track project dedicated to his lifestyle and motivating listeners all around the world. The mixtape is spearheaded by lead single “Trap,” where TGC reveals he saw a hundred racks at the young age of 16, reminiscing on his come-up and how far he’s made it. “Trap” also was paired with a visual treatment.

Beyond the music, he’s a businessman and investor, whose goal is to spread the message of ownership and self-improvement. In fact, his trucking business currently funds his music career.

AllHipHop: What was it like growing up in Columbus, Mississippi?

TrapGameCrazzy: It was cool, it is what it is for the location. It’s not really country, but it’s not really city either. I brought a lot of things to Mississippi, a lot of trends. I made a lot of moves so it was cool on my behalf. For anyone, it could be slow. There’s not really too much to do. You have to create your own entertainment, create your own vibes. There really ain’t too many places to go for going out. 

AllHipHop: When did you fall in love with music? Who were you listening to?

TrapGameCrazzy: I always loved music. When I was younger, to be honest I really didn’t think music was real. I thought it was some Santa Clause type s###, the celebrities and all that s### when I was growing up as a kid. As I got older, I started meeting certain people. I had relatives that was doing the music thing and they were really talented, that really opened my eyes up and made me realize it’s really possible.

AllHipHop: Any artists you listened to that you loved?

TrapGameCrazzy: I like R&B music to be real. I like vibe type music, but I grew up to Boosie, Jeezy, and Gucci. A lot of artists, but I just liked their music. I wouldn’t really say a name or a person that I really f##### with like that, I f### with all good music. Gucci, Boosie, Jeezy, I listened to them more out of all the artists growing up.  

AllHipHop: Talk about the inspiration behind your name. How did you get your name?

TrapGameCrazzy: I really was trapping. Trapping was a business or a hustle of making ends meet. I always went crazy when it came to making ends meet. I was making things happen for myself, putting food on the table. Where I’m from, I broke records for trapping, just like artists break records, getting money and making fame happen. I’m a legend where I’m from, as far as getting money and putting people on. So I just said TrapGameCrazzy, because my trap game crazzy!. 

AllHipHop: You just released Legalize Trapping, how are you feeling? 

TrapGameCrazzy: It’s a good tape overall, front to back. I got a couple strikes against me. I can’t really take another strike or where I’m at, they’ll try to give me a life sentence. It’s really nonsense. I can see how they look at the s###, but I don’t think it should be a thing for a person to get a life sentence. I know somebody that got a life sentence for their third strike and they just got caught with a half ounce of marijuana, not even a whole ounce. There are a lot of people that are incarcerated, they used to give out crazy numbers on certain charges. I don’t think it’s the home for them for real, so Legalive Trapping. Trapping should be legalized.

AllHipHop: What would happen if trapping became legal? 

TrapGameCrazzy: It’d be a lot less balanced, stuff going on. More people get to be home with their family and raise their kids. But really, trapping is legal to the government. The government trap all the time, just like a pharmacy. Pharmacy got pills, got drank, all types of stuff. But you get caught with it in the streets or try selling it in the streets, that’s when it becomes illegal. It’s not as serious as people make it to be, in my opinion, there are people doing way worse things or more serious crimes. Where I’m at, we got a big prison system in Mississippi, and the prison’s are completely full. I got a lot of partners in prison, it’s full. People are sleeping on the floor, there’s sometimes 4 people in one cell. That’s more of an issue. So,no, I don’t think it’s that serious, as people make it. 

AllHipHop: You released the music video for “Trap,” where are you going through recording this one?

TrapGameCrazzy: Actually, I was on probation. I got in trouble out of town. I thought I was gonna be gone for a long time, but God brought me through it. 

What made me make the song “Trap” was when I heard the beat, it made me think of me as a person. I’ve been trapping since I was 10, so I said a few things, reminiscing in a couple things that I witnessed in my life growing up. Basically, the transformation and transition from back when I was a kid to my current situation. I really didn’t get a chance to shoot the video like I wanted to because everything was last minute, but it turned out alright. It did what it did. 

AllHipHop: What inspired your new video “More”?

TrapGameCrazzy: The “More” video, it’s more on a scale I like my videos to be on. It’s more put together, better quality, and better production. The “More” song is always wanting more. I want more now. You know how when you reach goals, you really move the post and set new goals. To me, it’s about wanting more and progressing. A little struggle, just really making it through the struggle. Making it past the struggle.

AllHipHop: One thing you want fans to get from the project?

TrapGameCrazzy: Basically inspiration and motivation. Tap in with me a little bit. Get to know what type of person I am, what stuff I be on. I really wanted to motivate people and give people a push, those who want to accomplish their goals and their dreams. Inspire people, give people good vibes.

AllHipHop: How’s the independent grind?

TrapGameCrazzy: The independent grind is kind of hard, but it’s easy. It’s a lot of work. You gotta educate yourself. You gotta reach out to certain people and try to connect with the right people because the music industry’s crazy. So much finesse going on, so much promises be going on so you gotta lock in with the right team and make the right decisions. You really gotta have your bag right. The independent thang is cool so long as you got the right resources, the right type of budget, and the right plan. 

AllHipHop: Talk about being a businessman and the importance of ownership.

TrapGameCrazzy: I always want to mess with the music, but I’m trying to win regardless. No matter what happens, no matter how things go in the end, I want to be on top. I still want to be stable and everything so I always try to play on different sides of the field. Business is good, different little ropes to it. Different knowledge that could help you, that determines the level you reach with it. I always feel like people should always have their hands in multiple streams of income so you always have something to fall back on.

AllHipHop: You own a trucking business as well?

TrapGameCrazzy: I ain’t really big into trucks so I really got into it because I had thought of a little plan, a way to have a budget for the music. I’m thinking take a $50K ball and get a truck, work it like that. Everything I got from the truck, I invested in the music. When push comes to shove or worst case scenario, I’ll always still have a truck. The truck ended up growing into two trucks, and so far. I got a partner I went school with, he really big into the trucks. 

Him and his father drive trucks, so I really tried to kill two birds with one stone. I was trying to help him fulfill his own dream to have his own truck, do this do that. I tried to take him away from the company he was with and bring him into a family type situation with me. So he’ll feel comfortable and everything, him just driving the truck. He inspired me to get into it because he loved the truck so much. I know he knows the ins and outs, so I tried to kill two birds with one stone. Get in business, make some money, help a friend, we all come up together.

AllHipHop: 3 things you need in the studio at all times?

TrapGameCrazzy: I need some exotic marijuana, some drank, and good vibes.

AllHipHop: How was SXSW this year? 

TrapGameCrazzy: It was it. It was turnt, it was cool. A lot of artists chillin’ out there, grinding. One thing I realized about this music: there’s a lot of talent and a lot of people who got talent, a lot of people can make good music and all that, but you gotta have your bag right. That’s what’s gonna make the difference: the bag and the budget, and the plan. There’s a lot of people out there, so it makes me look at it like: what’s going to separate me from them? What do I gotta do differently? Everybody’s trying to do music, everybody’s trying to blow. I started looking at it like what makes you the one?