TreLow & Burgy Are Here To Put On For Bossier City, Louisiana

TreLow and Burgy

AllHipHop linked up with rising rappers TreLow and Burgy as they were on their way to shoot their music video for “Congratulations.”

TreLow and Burgy are here to put on for their hometown of Bossier City, Louisiana. The two artists have come together to release a joint project called From Bossier With Love, ready to put their city on the map.

The project will be spearheaded by lead single “What’s Understood,” featuring Hoolibaby Neeno. The empowerment anthem sees all three artists dropping braggadocious bars, reminding listeners they are putting in the work needed to be recognized in this rap game.

Speaking on his sound, TreLow states, “I have a wide variety of music. Some of it is storytelling, getting into my story. I do a lot of real life music, day to day stuff, so anybody who’s living life can relate. You don’t have to be in a certain space or financial bracket, everybody can relate to it. When it’s time to have fun, I go have some fun too. I like to throw a little bit of everything together sometimes, depending on how I’m feeling. But more than likely, you’re going to get some real day to day, real life type stuff.”

Burgy adds, “We got the same style, I’m pretty versatile as well. Most of my catalog consists of real life events, or how I’m feeling this day, how I’m feeling that time. Or something from the past that I’ve never really talked about, that I bring into the song.”

AllHipHop spoke with TreLow and Burgy in downtown Los Angeles, moments before they were on their way to shoot their music video for “Congratulations.” Read below as we discuss their roots in Bossier City, love for music, the new project, goals, and more!

AllHipHop: Talk about being from Bossier City, Louisiana.

Burgy: Bossier City is a small city. Mostly everybody knows each other there. Sometimes peaceful, sometimes not peaceful. Anything can happen at anytime. But all around, I had a lot of great experiences growing up in Bossier. I’m proud to say I’m from there. That’s why we’re doing this now man, trying to rep where we’re from. Make sure people know we’re from Bossier.

TreLow: I would agree.

AllHipHop: Is it near a known city?

Burgy: It’s near a known city, Shreveport.

TreLow: Have you heard of Shreveport?

AllHipHop: Nah.

TreLow: Well that makes us feel better. [laughs]

Burgy: Now you know Bossier before Shreveport.

TreLow: You might be the only person to know Bossier before Shreveport.

AllHipHop: When did you guys fall in love with music?

Burgy: It started at a young age for me. I remember hearing artists such as Master P, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and Tupac on the radio. Ever since then, I’ve been in love with music.  

TreLow:  I’d say it started young at a young age for me as well. Growing up in a house where music was played all the time, also as you do just about everything else, it becomes natural to have it included in your processes.

AllHipHop: When did you realize you could do it professionally?

TreLow: For me, in 2015.

Burgy: It wasn’t until 2019 I started taking music more seriously. I started getting feedback from close friends. That’s when I really started investing in myself.  

AllHipHop: So how did y’all come together to do this project, From Bossier With Love?

Burgy: I think it started out with features. He featured on my project 92, which is out right now. He was featured on one of my songs, then featured on another song. Both of the songs were good. We’re like hey, you trying to link up to a project? Alright, s###.

TreLow: Pretty much that. It made sense, and we went to high school together. We knew each other from way back. After working together and doing a few features, organically it meshed well and gave me the thought “Oh damn, we’ll probably make some good music together now.”

AllHipHop: What can we expect from the project?

Burgy: Versatility, for one thing. A lot of different subjects going on for different lifestyles. We got a little bit of something for everyone on there. It’s gonna be very enjoyable. If you’re a fan of different, good music, this is what you want to tune into.

TreLow: You could expect a variety of everything. No matter what kind of music, who you are, there’s at least a song that you’ll probably enjoy on there. 

AllHipHop: What inspired “What’s Understood”?

Burgy: We just heard the beat…

TreLow: Basically, it was Louisiana. We were making songs together at that point, all the songs had a serious tone to them at that time. I heard that beat and thought to myself, this would be fun. It was really a relief for me from all the serious s### that we were doing.  We took that concept and made it our own thing.

Burgy: Our own type of music.

TreLow: That was the fun part about it. Being inspired and us being where we’re from, it fit. That’s what goes on. That beat, the feel, it makes you want to move.

Burgy: It’ll get you on your feet.

AllHipHop: Any goals for yourself?

Burgy: I want to be a known music name in my city, one of those guys that you can reach out to for anything that you need in the music industry. That goes for artists, producers, songwriters, or whatever your craft is. 

TreLow: My biggest goal within the next five years, being free. When I say free, free from the 9 to 5 that we talked about earlier. To be able to move how I want to move, when I want to move, and do what I love to do without lacking financial stability. That’s the biggest thing I’m working towards, whether it’s through music, or in general.

AllHipHop: Anything else y’all want to know want to let the people know?

Burgy: Project dropping June 12th. Y’all tune in. You can follow me on Instagram at @therealburgy. Burgy on all streaming platforms.

TreLow: He knocked it out the park, just the project name again, “From Bossier With Love”.  Follow me @trelow.