VITA Breaks the Mold With Debut EP “LIBRE


VITA steps out from the shadows with her entrancing EP “LIBRE.”

With two singles under her belt, VITA has all of the energy of a newcomer with all of the skills of a vet.

Her power-packed vocals are sure to capture your attention, while her meaningful lyrics tell the tale of who she is as an artist, and what her story entails.

Give “LIBRE” a listen, and hear from our chat with VITA herself below:

AllHipHop: What inspired LIBRE?

VITA: LIBRE was made during the most tumultuous time of my life. I had just come out of an extremely controlling relationship. I had no money and nowhere to go as well as living in a foreign country away from my family. After years of having no autonomy over my own life I was determined to find my own sense of freedom. I realized that I had allowed external sources to dictate my path for too long. In order for me to rebuild, I had to tear down all of my belief systems completely. I had to release it all. This project is a time stamp in my life of when I began my journey towards liberating myself from anything and anyone that tried to limit me. I went into the studio with a vengeance determined to unleash everything that I had kept to myself for the sake of others comfortability. I wanted to make a statement. I am warm, I am loving, I am compassionate but I am also f###### powerful and I pity anyone who tries to get in my way from here on out.

AllHipHop: What have been some of the joys and challenges of being a
recently-launched artist?

VITA: Being a new artist, especially someone who’s so deeply specific in their creativity, has its highs and lows for sure. One thing I absolutely love is the surprise on peoples faces when they hear the music for the first time. It goes from shock to confusion to head banging in the space of seconds. Especially from those who know me personally, I’m outwardly just your super friendly Aussie neighbor who likes to have a laugh. So introducing people to that side of me is super special. The biggest challenge of being a new artist is the fact that most of the workload is on your own back. I’m extremely intentional about everything I make, so having control over the outcome is as intimidating as it is exhilarating. Especially when I’ve never done any of this before. Everything has been a learning lesson, even in the stressful moments, and for me that is a positive over anything.

AllHipHop: If you could tell pre-2020 VITA one thing, what would it be?

VITA: I’d give her a big hug and say, “you’re going to be okay, this pain and struggle will not last forever. Let go of needing to control the outcome and everything will fall into place.”

AllHipHop: Which song on LIBRE is the closest to your heart?

VITA: I would say BADBABBAD is the song closest to my heart for sure because it was the first song we made that sonically led me to where I am now. I remember the day I made it. I went out on the balcony of my friend’s apartment and I really allowed myself to cry for all of the losses in my life. I sobbed like a little kid until I felt completely empty. I let myself feel it all and after that sadness was gone, all that was left was this blinding, uncontrollable anger.

I was angry at everyone but I was mostly angry at myself for allowing people to take advantage of me. I went to the studio that night, walked straight into the booth and yelled my f###### heart out. I came out dripping with sweat exhausted by the release.

I left the studio that night and went back to my friend’s apartment. I played the song on repeat and jumped around until 4am. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to speak my truth and have something I made that sounds EXACTLY like me. That was my first taste of stepping into who I want to be.

AllHipHop: What do you want the world to know about VITA?

VITA: More than anything I want people to know how bloody Australian I am. Sydney born and bred babyyyy!!! Being Australian is something that I am extremely proud of. My country shaped me into who I am. Giving back to the country that gave me so much is indicative of acknowledging the violent and abusive history of the aborignal community at the hands of colonial settlers.

These egregious acts have created a culture of racism and cultural erasure to this day. As an Australian and the granddaughter of a holocaust survivor, I feel a very genuine responsibility to make tangible change for the original owners of the land I grew up on.