Hey Comey – How much are they paying you



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Is there a price-list?

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Hey Comey – How much are they paying you ?

Is there a price-list?

Great wonderment how FBI Director James Comey sees fear in every Hillary email but he sees nothing wrong with anything Russia or Trump have done to our country.

Comey told senate and congressional public and private briefings he could not possibly comment on whether there is or should be an investigation of the Russia-Trump election attack. That prompted the conservative Wall Street Journal to call for Comey’s resignation.

So basically a ‘no-comment’ on whether to investigate Russia for attacking The People of the United States’ election.

What the ???

Really ?

Nothing ?  

Now he can’t comment?  

…That whole election number he pulled on Democrats just keeps smelling worse and worse.

ELEVEN days before the election Comey announced a new investigation into Hillary’s stinking emails. Just had to announce it.

The Wiener made you do it.  You claimed the Wiener email discovery forced you to look again and your break-the-rules announcement destroyed a really impressive lead the Democrats had racked up.

Who ? Which w##### really made you do it?

Here’s the REAL problem with your story, Comey — Control-‘F.’

And now Ladies & Gentlemen, join us for ‘the Real Chronologies with Real Investigators.’

So 11 DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION, Comey whacks it out there and then takes an entire week to figure it all out and announce again, ‘Ooops – sorry – the emails were duplicates. There’s nothing there for any charges.’

What’s wrong with this picture?

Comey, some of us real pros know better than that.

You, me and any I-T expert could have known they were duplicates within 5 hours – not the better part of 2 weeks.

In fact, anyone with a PC or laptop could have used the ‘Control – ‘F’ process and with that, figured out the new w##### emails were in fact old w##### emails, as you eventually announced, one week before the election.

And here’s more of what real investigators know and should have immediately been reported on all the major TV networks.

You all public figure types also discuss things for days or weeks before you tell the public anything about a new controversy. So by the time the public hears the tiniest first peep, it’s been discussed for at least days or weeks by offices like yours. So instead of 11 days before the election, this cheating poison hash you made up was probably underway for at least 15 days. And in those days of purported care and concern by your office – you could have gathered your entire Hillary email investigation onto a computer and then hit the ‘Control ’ key (or Command key for you MAC people)  and the ‘F’ key. Then you enter 3 different, unique key phrases from each of the alleged new-but-not-new emails. Then check for matching word-counts and in doing that, you would have known almost immediately, they were duplicates  


Who knows with more staff – you might be able to do it in a mere 3 hours.

What have they promised you Mr. Comey? How Much Money?

What new job or secret trust fund awaits your kids?
Are the new bank accounts in Zurich or Geneva?
How else to explain the heightened scrutiny on dead emails, dredged and killed again – dredge up – kill again and repeat. And your complete lack of professional interest in Rudy Guiliani’s predicting ‘a big surprise, was coming’ soon from your office and then you actually announced the Hilary email thing. Trump calling on Russia to hack more and his publically proclaimed “love” of “wikileaks.” Then Trump standing with the press on the plane, February 10
th, saying he had no idea about Flynn’s Russian talks, that he’d look into it. Then it comes out Trump absolutely knew about Flynn’s Russian talks. So Trump fires Flynn for misleading the Vice president and tricking him into lying to the country that Flynn was clean.

But Don Trump – YOU KNEW that Flynn was lying to the vice president too.

Now we know that you knew 19 days before.

So shouldn’t you fire yourself now? You did the same damn thing.

Don Trump, you set Flynn up to set Pence up.

You’re a real setter-upper.

But you’re no president.

You’re fired.  

[By the way, is your time in the Whitehouse a new TV version of The Apprentice? Is that why you’ve made more glaring mistakes in one month than most people make in a lifetime?]

Also – where’s Kellyanne ‘Put-the-Con in’ Con-way? Can’t she get you out of this mess?

What? You think she’s lost her magic touch.

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The public or maybe the Press has it figured out?

You know, we were the first ones to call for Kelly the Con-way to be disbarred. She’s a lawyer and unlike you, Don Trump – they answer to a higher authority and they’re not supposed to lie because they are officers of the Court and d##### that still matters and it really matters to the Court.

Just the facts.

No alternative facts.

Comey, since you were in fact making announcements that might influence the election which is against the law in your case, why didn’t you announce you might be looking into the dossier that Sen. John McCain delivered to your door, raising grave questions about Russian involvement in sabotaging the election and possible Trump involvement with Russia? Why not use the occasion to level the playing field, while you’re in announcement-mode, with a warning about a genuine emergency regarding the Russian-Trump scandal and a full-on Russian attack against this country.

Comey – I thought you were an American – mightn’t you have said something about Russia hacking into our election process and all the video of Trump calling for such a hack?

Also In light of Giuliani going on national television announcing ‘something big was coming’ from his sources at the FBI, why didn’t you investigate that since it was already announced by Giuliani himself? Did you miss that lead Sherlock? What the hell kind of an investigator are you?

Instead, you announce the alleged new email problem which the afore-mentioned simple search with three staffers and two laptops with ‘Control- “F” would have seen were duplicates in hours, not weeks.  Might this also explain why Unruly Giuliani didn’t get a job in the Trump administration? I guess Trump knows just how much trouble Unruly Giuliani might be in.

Make no mistake – this is not about Hillary Clinton actually winning the election. Which she did. (showing just how badly we need to fix our election process. Right now people living in South Africa have more guaranteed voting rights than we do. )

What the hell is a voting Rights Act anyway? It has to be renewed and can be changed. We the People of the United States need a voting rights LAW and we need penny-ante criminals to stop their crooked con games with voter suppression programs. Here’s the greatest democracy in the world, supposedly and these punks want to stop people from voting.

Disgraceful oligarch behavior with heavy white trash overtones.

The people of the United States were attacked by Russia and they used the platform of the 2016 presidential election to assault this country’s sovereignty and security. They used our sacred franchise to attack us. The Russians used one of the most important developments in the history of mankind – The Vote – to attack us.

They ATTACKED US. It is a sad day in hell when somebody’s hatred for a political party or girl political candidate is so vast, it stops those same people from seeing that they were just shot in the chest and are in fact, bleeding.

That’s some strong, hate-based JuJu.

(Maybe that’s how JujGuliani got his name.)

Comey at the same time you’re pretending there’s a problem with Clinton – it’s reported you had to announce it because you’re afraid of leaks in your office. Guiliani is on TV talking big time about his sources in your office. You state you’re officially afraid of leaks, all the while you have the Trump dossier in your lap, delivered by Republican Senator John McCain  – but you don’t investigate any of that?

None of
that is bigger than Hillary’s stinking emails?


You must be in a coma Comey.

And I guess you thought we’d never find out about any of this.

Whatever will you do now?

Has Putin offered you a job and paid dinners like Flynn? Is he gonna buy you and dinner?

(–Cue the band –) “Shame Shame Shame – Shame on You collaborating  money junkie, signifying monkey, educated fool. You gonna be the pool boy at Mar-a-lago ?  (“Youzzir Mr. Benny. Maybe Comey is the new Steppin-Fetchit.”)

The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves. They worked so hard to put safeguards in place to protect against guys like you and Trump. The cynical Trump Agenda, harming the ‘little people’ who voted for you while the fake Republican Party of Oligarchy tries to suck the last public dollars from the public, fulfilling the Mercer-Koch Brothers – Dominion agenda. PLEASE someone find the real Republican Party. Swearing you’re for the little guy – Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower just dropped dead again.

How much money do the cheating Exxon ‘no global warming’ Koch agenda Haliburton villainous billionaires need, to let the rest of us, including the good, genuinely philanthropic billionaires, live in peace and prosperity?
How much? We’ll pay you.
What are you going to make on your next war? We’ll give you a third up-front, not to kill people. Maybe the world can get together and do a kick starter crowd funding and buy you all off. How much to let us breath, financially and physically, and drink clean water – none of which is easily done right now throughout the great United States of America.

Little Guys
One after another they’re sorry they voted for you Don Trump and they call you names.
I hear the words ‘rotten pigs’ a lot out there.
But why give the pigs a bad name?
It’s a shame.
Maybe the pigs will sue you too. Like those poor guys you ripped off at Trump University.
I wonder how many of those white men voted for you? I wonder how many will never vote for you again.
Happy record-low approval ratings, Don Trump.
I know that makes things very tiny for you. Like cold water in a speedo.

Don Trump, Comey and Kelly the Con-Way:  the pigs are very angry about what you’ve done to them. D##### – y’all have given the pigs a bad name. You have defamed the pigs.

But wait – since Kelly the Con-Way is a lawyer – maybe she’d be willing to represent these pigs too?

PS: Comey, which is it for you? Legacy of the Louse or are you an American currently playing possum and actually investigating this fetid quagmire? Because if that’s true, you need to speed it up before something dreadful happens in this new, massive Trump Swamp Polecat Creek and Spa.