Hit The Street: AllHipHop Talks Donald Trump, Jim Brown, Kanye West, Steve Harvey And Chrisette Michele


What was once a bad dream we couldn’t wait to wake up from is now our scariest reality for the next four years. Obama is leaving us and his replacement is “President Donald Trump,” a phrase people are having a difficult time accepting and even verbalizing.

The controversy behind the 2017 presidential election has been so staggering it has even caused us to judge the opinions of our favorite celebrities for supporting their countries decision. Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Chrisette Michelle and even Kanye West have all been called in question by the popular opinion of social media. In the words of the man some still consider their president in order for change to come we must step from behind the computer and do something.

So @DJDNELLZ took it to the streets to find out how people felt about celebrities who supports trump, and if they themselves would give Trump a chance. Or are the people opting to stay single and not claiming a president at all.

Watch below.