Lessons in White Supremacy with Donald Trump


 and the Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

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Wynne AlexanderBy: Wynne Alexander
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Wynne Alexander is an investigative journalist who has interviewed national and international artists, icons, sports stars, business and political leaders including Muhammed Ali and Coretta Scott King. She is also the author of the pioneering civil rights book, Get It From the Drums.


So a whiter than ever Whitehouse is being dragged through the mud by white supremacists and here are some of their blossoming, YUGE (sic)  mistakes

Trump – President of Illegal bigotry.

Father of the Muslim Ban.

Hero of the mental midgets.

Whupped upside his head as the Courts say, “NO” to the Muslim travel ban and cite his repeated attempts to vilify and ban Muslims while running for president.

[Look out- now he’s gonna try and start a war and swear we have new enemies. That attempted country-shut-down worked once this century with Cheney-Bush. So they canceled that option-it won’t work again Don.]

Trump  – President of Hypocrisy –Trump’s  last campaign commercials wreaked of other antisemitism –the  Jewish variety – with his last campaign ads propagandizing against images of Goldman Sach’s execs only to have it be his go-to team for cabinet appointees. The man who pledged to ‘drain-the-swamp’ has reduced the swamp only by the amount of swamp-dwellers he took from the swamp to put in his cabinet. Trump, who promised not to cut social security and Medicare then appoints a head of Health and Human Services who seeks to dismantle and/or privatize both programs.

Trump – President of the Bamboozled – as he admits he did not know what he signed when his top adviser on intolerance Steve Bannon put himself on the National Security Council and removed the Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff and the National Intelligence Director from their traditional constant seats on the same council, making their attendance on an ‘asneeded’ basis. [Bannon’s presence would be on an ‘ass-needed’ basis.] Trump – so tragically uninformed he did not know who Frederick Douglass was and did not know the famed writer, philosopher, orator and presidential adviser to Lincoln was in fact, dead. [Roll the white house tape on that ‘one for the ages.’] Don Trump who allows Don General Flynn to be National Security Adviser AND take money from the criminally corrupt Putin of Russia – being paid to attend a dinner and God knows what else.

The same Putin even Republican Senator John McCain calls a ‘murderer.’ Flynn, then caught assuring Russians to pay no attention to President Obama’s sanctions for Russia’s attacks on the United States 2016 election. Flynn appears to have violated the “Logan Act” with a dangerous world enemy in Putin. An investigation should begin immediately to see if he attempted to countermand a sitting president’s authority on this highly dangerous international security matter. Stay tuned on that treasonous criminality…

The white people who feared President Obama and who could articulate why, would tell you, they feared Obama would drag our country through the mud. That he couldn’t lead. Their worst nightmare has now come true at the hands of a white supremacist who clumsily brags about everything including his superior German blood. It is a sad day in hell when the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel has to lecture the President of the United States, condemning his Muslim travel ban.  The properly revered Chancellor of Germany had to tell the president (sic) of the United States his Muslim travel ban likely violates the Geneva Conventions.

Trump – President of the Callous – Don Trump who gave no warning on the bigoted Muslim ban so people expecting to meet their loved ones or business colleagues were instead pitched into a nationwide limbo of possible detention and a number of fine upstanding people were sent back to countries for WHAT ??? The people of the countries that Trump banned have never harmed U-S soil. And he didn’t put the ban on the ones that did.

Trump – President of Racism – putting J. Beauregard Sessions in charge of the Attorney General’s office. Lady Liberty cries at the thought. Sessions, a man who has violated the laws other Attorney’s General have fought to uphold.  Stopping elderly Black folks from voting, a man so racist that none other than fellow traveler, arch racist Republican Senator Strom Thurmond voted against Sessions holding a federal judgeship. Would that Senator Elizabeth Warren could have found a letter from Thurmond explaining why the Sessions dog won’t hunt.  

  1. Beauregard Sessions was looking so weak, the senate Republican dictatorship – oh, I mean leadership – denied Senator Elizabeth Warren her constitutional right to read a letter from Coretta Scott King warning of Sessions’ alarming record of racism. As if that and his anti-voting crimes were not enough, he also slept at night while his state of Alabamy tied prisoners to hitching posts and made them stand for 6 to 7 hours a day, in broiling heat or pouring rain as punishment or because they were  too ill to work. He could sleep knowing that daily nightmare was a reality. As Alabama attorney general he saw nothing wrong and did nothing to stop it. Alabama was finally forced to get rid of the hitching post by the United States Supreme Court which officially outlawed the practice, saying the hitching post “unnecessarily and wantonly inflicted pain.” They called it what it was- Torture.

Trump – President of Alternative Facts. Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway coining and conning the attempted acceptability of her so-called ‘alternative facts’ and she herself claiming on several occasions there was a Muslim-led massacre in Kentucky.  Never happened. 

Con-Way standing in broad daylight and endorsing lies about the inauguration crowd size. No, the Trump inaugural was not the biggest ever. No and Never. A black man named Obama holds that distinction.

A special shout-out to Kellyanne ‘Put-the-Con-in’ Conway. You can’t have an officer of the courts extolling the virtues of falsehoods and lies, then calling them some kind of fact.

Little lady – we’re going to move for your disbarment. A lot of people don’t know this, but you’re  a lawyer. And lawyers have special obligations to the facts and truth because they are ‘officers of the court.’ Lawyers are held to a special level of truthfulness and veracity. This is why President Dick Nixon, though not impeached for a Watergate hotel robbery, was disbarred for lying about it. President Bill Clinton, while impeached, did not leave office, was not found guilty of sexual harassment, yet he was also disbarred for lying about it.

Con-Way should be taken before her home state supreme court and whichever Judicial Inquiry and Review Board has jurisdiction,  since as an officer of the court, she has repeatedly, publicly created false information which she says is acceptable because she claims there are “alternative facts.” But her law professors, bar exams and all manner of judicial precedent, opinions, procedures –  all demand and assure – that is NOT TRUE.

What is true ?

Liars get disbarred.
The Law knows it can’t afford liars.

Trump – President of the Stupid – Ramming through the remarkably inept, unprepared and unable to retain facts, Betsy DeVos to head of all things – EDUCATION. She gave the worst ever performance before a senate hearing. Her millions of dollars in pay-offs to senators and charred brains are now in charge of the nation’s education systems.

Trump – President of Scam – conning 62.9 million Americans who did not have the intellectual wherewithal to do their voting homework properly.

Never has a collection of nasty bumblers been in charge of anything near the magnitude of the United States government. As Shirley and Company so wisely sang,  “Shame Shame Shame – Shame on you” republican senators and congressmen for enabling this crippling gaggle of T-rump amateurs.

To paraphrase the great wit of Congressman Charlie Wrangle, the vapid white men of the Trump administration ‘shatter the myth of white supremacy once and for all.’

Put another way, if Trump is a President – there’s hope for every ape in Africa.  […or orangutan as the color may be…]