From “Tell Em Blanco Sent Ya” To Jay-Z’s “4:44


(AllHipHop Editorial) I must attest that about two weeks ago, I stumbled upon the most interesting and intriguing Instagram page I’ve seen yet. Then on Friday June 30, 2017 when Jay Z dropped 4:44 and shouted the page out in his song BAM, I was convinced that I stumbled upon the most interesting and intriguing Instagram page thus far. Once again, HOV has confirmed my thoughts. The page that I’m referencing is a pictorial historical account of New York City during Reganomics and the debilitating crack era. There are pictures and actual accounts of individuals who have been immortalized through the rhymes documented by New York rappers written in their black and white composition notebooks.

These rhymes that I’m referencing were ultimately shared with the world through music; however, until you can put a picture with a name, a story and individuals that can bear firsthand witness to the accounts that we’ve heard our modern day Dead Poets rap about, they remain just mystical urban myths. In my opinion, that’s the reason why this site is so extremely significant because it gives validity and authenticity to many of the stories we’ve heard in song. I don’t know who #TeLLeMBLaNcoSentYa is, but he might arguably have the best hip hop oriented Instagram account with true references to the individuals who helped write the narrative of this thing of ours called, Hip Hop.

First of all, I can’t go any further without acknowledging the dopeness of the name #TeLLeMBLaNcoSentYa. Obviously the name itself was borrowed from a verse spit by the King of New York, Biggie, when he rapped “today’s a new day, got the suitcase in the Sentra, go to room 112, tell them Blanco sent you.” But what’s even more fitting and compelling to me, is the title of the song that the verse/name was borrowed from and its chorus. The title of the song is “N##### Bleed.” And the hook goes, “N##### bleed just like us, picture me being scared of a n#### that breathe the same air as me. N##### bleed just like us, picture me being shook, we can both go to war let the m############ beef cook. N##### bleed just us, picture a n#### hiding, my life in that man’s hands while he just deciding. N##### bleed just like us, I’d rather go toe to toe with all of ya’ll, running ain’t in my protocol.” The reason why the song name and hook is so important and fitting is because it surmises the mentality of all the men highlighted on the account who chose not to be deterred by another man nor immobilized by fear of another man. And it also serves as a grim reminder of the ultimate doom the highlighted men were willing to risk in pursuit of the tangibles and intangibles they were chasing.

Hey, but as rap aficionados and purveyors of the sport, visit this Instagram page to make the connections between the stories and the story tellers. I’m certain that you remember the street stories we heard in songs about Jay-Z, DeHaven and Emory? Well go to #TeLLeMBLaNcoSentYa to see the old pictures reminiscent of the times Hov rapped about and get a chance to possibly dialogue directly with DeHaven, Emory or maybe even Jay-Z.

Do you recall hearing the name Baby J or Mane from Harlem World lure? Well go to #TeLLeMBLaNcoSentYa to see the actual photos of the young street legend and read all of the comments. See a young 50 Cent, affectionately known as Boo Boo, standing in front of his first big body Benz that he rapped about in song. Check out the real people who actually birthed the style and fashion that is still prevalent in our culture today. See original Dapper Dan apparel adorned by real street New York heavy hitters. Look at Mike Tyson’s close ties and affiliations with street dudes and hip hop associates. Learn the real stories.

You know what else is cool about #TeLLeMBLaNcoSentYa? It’s the cosigns that many of today’s artist give by either liking pictures and/or leaving comments sharing personal knowledge as it relates to the post. Now granted, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, for obvious reasons. But if you’ve ever read a Don Diva magazine and loved it in its entirety, like I have on many occasions, then I can promise that you’ll be completely engulfed by #TeLLeMBLaNcoSentYa. It’s like a present day amplified interactive electronic version of a Don Diva magazine, on an Instagram page, minus the sticky pages. Check it out. #TeLLeMBLaNcoSentYa.