Is Future’s Opinion On Jay Z So Wrong?


(AllHipHop Opinion) As folks celebrate 20 years of Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt, rapper Future has a slight different view of the album.

A rap debate sprouted up between LeBron James, Future, Kevin Durant, radio jock Ebro Durden, Steve Stout, the EVOL hitmaker said Tupac and Biggie’s death allowed Jay to be “great.”

“Jay Z wasn’t great when Tupac and Biggie was alive,” Future stated in a brief audio clip. “It was Biggie, Tupac, Ice Cube. [Reasonable Doubt] wasn’t hot until [Tupac and Biggie] died.” Future didn’t diss the album as a piece of art, but simple stated that it took time for the 1996 opus to take flight.

Some have jumped up to claimed disrespect but many others have stated that he tells no lies. What do you think?