AHH Concert Review: Da Triple 6ix ‘Sinners Tour 2014: With Da Mafia 6ix and Friends’


Videographer: Emazing Smith

“In Cali, that’s medication,” asserted a green connoisseur! “Well, in New York that’s contraband; no drugs in the club!” shouted the Webster Hall employee. A wrath of wrinkles on his face contorted to display disdain.  Preliminary tense moments were assuaged with the return of the healing medication. Following thorough body searches by aspiring police candidates, the congregated supporters were granted entrance to New York City’s, Webster’s Hall-Marlin Room.

Be prepared! As the tour states, Da Triple 6ix Sinners tour boasts world famous, Da Mafia 6ix amid an exhaustive litany of “friends.” An array of eager artists served as opening acts for the Oscar winning group. Onlookers were rightfully confused as an amalgamation of pale-faces meekly took the stage to proclaim, “We do this for the love; we’re already rich!” A dismissive, ‘Damn, is this part of the show?” was the crowd’s collective response.

Next, a hoard of hype-men was challenged with invigorating the audience gathered within the venue’s intimate confines. Microphone malfunctions were unable to distract from the inherent vocal abilities of Leah Haxhi as she joined Zeyi on stage. Zeyi possesses the creative integrity, the organic showmanship, and the undaunted confidence to earn longevity within Hip-Hop. Spitting live lyrics, his presence and laid-back demeanor elicited an authentic excitement from the crowd.

Serving as a cacophonous way to eat time, Sozay, hid behind its production; they were met with polite disinterest. Inebriated by music, Whitney Peyton, delivered tracks like “Woopty  Woo Woo” and even submerged herself into the crowd in an unsuccessful attempt to arouse a mosh pit. Twisted Insane began his set by prancing around the stage wearing a swamp-donkey-goat mask. The ever-entertaining rapper, with an almost-Tech-N9ne cadence, shared both tongue thrusting and endless energy with the spectators. Motivated by the “3 or 4 muthaf*ckas who’s never heard of him,” Twisted’s performance destroyed the chip that was nestled on his shoulder.

Show recap

Finally, once The Menace appeared on stage, anxious supporters were happy to view a familiar face. “New York’s ready to party, so let’s get it,” the Compton native’s words resounded with the crowd. “Double Cup,” “Doing My Thang,” and “Ain’t No Changing Me,” served to bolster his presence on stage. Although Chris Brown was not in attendance, The Menace performed his popular single “Put On,” from his latest project, R.O.M.E. Humility and hunger was apparent to all in attendance. Severing the production, just The Menace’s words edified his motivation towards sustaining on-going success. Succinct and sweet, following his set The Menace posed for pictures and integrated into the crowd.

Delivering the night’s pinnacle performance, Da Mafia 6ix, did not disappoint. After the Grim Reaper’s introduction its members faced the spotlight. Crunchy Black’s strategic footwork held rhythm to the beat. Clothes sporting both pentagrams and bones were donned by the group’s members. “Ridin Spinners,” “Slob On My Knob,” “Who Run It,” “I’m So High,” “Side 2 Side,” “Weak Azz B####,” “Tear The Club Up,” and “Sippin’ On Some Syrup” were amongst the career highlights that were performed.

An obligatory twerk-fest ensued when sexy ladies were invited to the stage. DJ Paul, smoothly began to sing, “Turn Around,” his adamant remix proclaiming, ‘…Turn around we don’t want to see your faces!’ As “Twerk Dat Ass,” played bouncing behinds hypnotized many.

Recent discography additions and a sincere shout out to, The Scarecrow, Lord Infamous were shared from the group. The collision of memories aroused from the action on the stage is worth the economical cost of a ticket!