Bel Air’s Jazlyn Martin Talks Starring Role On The Hit Show, Her Top 5 Dead Or Alive Rappers & More

Jazlyn Martin

Jazlyn Martin is the hottest actor on the block and with a starring role on “Bel Air,” it is about to get hotter than July.

By Algernon Billups – @algernonsoctober  

The Bel Air Universe is rapidly expanding, gradually revealing the depth of the The Banks Family Tree. Season 2 of the hit reprisal of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” has done an outstanding job of giving insight into the previous season’s unanswered questions and introducing new energies into the fold in order to shake things up. 

One of the latest legacy characters to be reintroduced into the show is Jackie Ames, previously played by renowned model and TV personality, Tyra Banks. The original Jackie was a childhood friend/girlfriend that was also from Philly that moved to Bel Air for better opportunities. Will and Jackie had a history that began long before Will moved to L.A. 

In this latest incarnation of Jackie, played by Jazlyn Martin, Will and Jackie are just meeting and are feeling each other out with each interaction. As the season progresses we are learning more about her backstory and why she is with her uncle. This version of Jackie seems to be a very talented dancer with a lot of passion for her craft. Coincidentally (but not really), the multifaceted artist that portrays her, Jazlyn Martin, is also a dancer that has the ability to sing and act. 

We had the chance to speak with Jazlyn Martin about her ability to perform at a high level in various creative spaces and what it’s like to work alongside such an incredible cast in the Bel Air world.