EXCLUSIVE: Abstract Rude Soundtracks New Amazon Prime Film “Half Dead Fred “

Directed by Bron Theron of White Ninja Productions, the film revolves around a mysterious murder that takes place in Flint, Michigan and a medium detective that takes the case.

As a member of Haiku d’Etat and Project Blowed, Abstract Rude is among the Los Angeles underground Hip-Hop elite. Now, the talented MC has a new song appearing in the Amazon Prime Video film, Half Dead Fred. Directed by Bron Theron of White Ninja Productions, the film revolves around a mysterious murder that takes place in Flint, Michigan. But medium detective Freddy Nash takes the case and uses his ability to see the dead to solve it. As Ab Rude explains to AllHipHop, the track—”Ghost Medium Detective”—provides the soundtrack for the end credits.

“My dude Bron Theron has been leveling up from murals since I met him back in the late ’90s to now docs, shorts and even feature films as with his newest Half Dead Fred,” he says. “When he showed me the script to write the ending recap song, it gave me that Clue meets Ghostbusters meets Inspector Gadget kind of noir, ‘who done it’ feel, so I wrote the song in that spirit, embodying the lead character and ‘Ghost Medium Detective’ himself Freddy Nash played by Corin Nemec. Damn it feels good to see people up on it! Y’all go watch that. You will hear me on the credits roll, and we made an official soundtrack music video for it as well.”

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Theron, also an artist, has several writing credits under his belt, including 2008’s PrimalRap and 2021’s The Crude Crypt Volume One.

“As a mural artist, I travel to Flint every year to do artwork in the city,” Theron explains. “A friend of mine that runs the art program has a four-story Victorian house in carriage town, and we always joked about it being a haunted house. The owner of the house has actually written a book called Haunted Flint. I thought it would be fun to make a movie there, so I wrote a script that centered around the house, ghosts, treasure and a medium detective.

“I have known Abstract Rude for many years and worked on documentary films with him in the past, but this film was special in the fact that I gave him the script ahead of time so he can write lyrics that reflect the story. ‘Ghost Medium Detective’ is a dope song that really digs deep into the film, and the music video has a narrative around the artist as well. I also think it’s due time that Ab Rude’s work is seen on a more commercial level because the talent is obvious.”

Find Half Dead Fred here and watch the video for “Ghost Medium Detective.”