Exclusive: Judge Vacates $11 Million Ruling In Doodie Lo / FTN Bae Case

FTN Bae Doodie Lo

FTN Bae scores a big victory in a court case with OTF’s Doodie Lo that would’ve had her on the hook for $11 million. Read about it here.

A Florida judge has tossed a judgement against  Britney Elder aka FTN Bae, completely vacating a ruling that would have had the former Hip-Hop artist on the hook for millions.

Late last month, Doodie Lo, a rapper affiliated with Lil Durk, seemingly won a stunning $11 million judgement against his former girlfriend, FTN Bae. The rapper had sued her for publicly stating he had inappropriate sexual relations with her young son.

Elder lost a court case against the father of her child by default because she was unable to appear in court, seemingly a failure to appear. Later, in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, she revealed she was arrested as she tried to enter the courtroom the day of trial.

She maintained steadfastly that she was set up by Doodie Lo and his lawyer and prevented from testifying in the civil case, which took place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

“It was set up so I never made it in the building,” she said in an interview with AHH’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur. She went on to spend the remainder of the day in jail, only to get out after a judge ruled against her.

Today, that ruling was vacated.

Furthermore, Elder maintained she was a victim of a more sinister plot to suppress her case against Doodie Lo. She stated one of the officers that arrested her before walking in court was also set to testify against her.

Doodie – real name David Saulsberry – has not commented at press time, but has denied her allegations of child sex abuse. He was accused of sexually abusing Bae’s then-5-year-old son.

“My ultimate goal is to spread awareness to those innocent of false accusations, especially innocent men who have been accused of sexual assault. This issue further highlights the dark side of #MeToo: What happens when men are falsely accused?,” he said on Instagram after the initial ruling.