EXCLUSIVE: Rapsody Says Baby Tate Replaced Jill Scott On “A Ballad For Homegirls” Collab


Rapsody is Baby Tate’s biggest supporter!

Rapsody is giving multi-hyphenate artist Baby Tate her flowers following her heroic efforts on their collaboration featured on her recent album Please Don’t Cry.

During an exclusive interview with AllHipHop at the 2024 BET Awards, Rapsody broke down how she connected with Baby Tate for their joint-effort, “A Ballad For Homegirls.” with the help of Black Odyssey. While detailing the creative process of the song, Rapsody explained how the personal nature of the concept for the song influenced how she delivered the message.

“The concept came, it was me and Black Odyssey out in Texas working on the record,” she said. “And at the time I was going through my own relationship issues, but I would always talk to my homegirls and this album I put out is so about me. So it was like, I know I’m not the only one to talk to our home girls.

“So I was like, let me capture for all of us what that feels like. And I wanted it to feel like I was talking to you too. Right. So I did the conversation piece, but I knew I wanted a singer though. I just wanted to bring another flare and complete the story.

Rapsody also explained how Baby Tate’s duality as an artist helped fill a major void on the record after Jill Scott wasn’t able to be apart of the track.

“At first, I reached out to Joe Scott because I wanted her on the hook and then Tate on the verse, but she wasn’t available,” she said. “But I called Baby Tate. She’s humbly and graciously said yes. And I told her, I said, I know you could rap, but I know you could sing too. I don’t know if everybody else do. I’ve heard you sing. I know who your mother is, and she absolutely killed it. I am blessed to have her. So that’s how it all came together.”

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Baby Tate, who is known for her vibrant sound and genre-blending music, is the daughter of famed superstar Dionne Farris, renowned for her 1995 hit “I Know.” Drawing inspiration from her mother’s illustrious career, Baby Tate emerged on the music scene with a dynamic approach that blends rap, R&B, and pop via her breakout EP After The Rain released in 2020.

Additionally, she’s delivered a number of mind-numbing freestyles which have established her as a formidable rapper. Inspired by the success of this project, she decided to showcase her vocal prowess more prominently, incorporating her singing talent into subsequent releases.

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