LL Cool J Is Ready To “Call It A Comeback” With Eminem, Nas, Saweetie & More!

LL Cool J

Call it a comeback! LL Cool J is working with Eminem, Nas, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Saweetie and Q-Tip on a new album.

LL Cool J is making his fundamental move forward back into the forefront of hip-hop. The self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. is rightfully flying very high. He has an empire that he’s built with Rock The Bells and he is definitely one of the best to ever do it. Now, he is working on reestablishing himself as an artist in the current day. It does not hurt Tha we are already in a classic Hip-Hop-inclined era.

But what is he working on?

That’s where things get extremely interesting. LL is reportedly working on a new project that includes a myriad of acts.  LL is preparing to drop his first album in 10 years and he has some heavy hitters joining him. I’m talking about Eminem, Nas, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Saweetie and MORE! On top of that, the legend in leather said the album is ENTIRELY produced by Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest fame!

This is about to be crazy! I don’t know exactly what further to say about this other than I really hope it’s a watershed moment for the goat of rap, because he can be the George Foreman of hip-hop! Not to say that he’s overweight, or anything like that, but he certainly is one of the elder statesman of the culture. He can come back and show that it can be done. I wonder what the album title will be?

What do you think?