20 Horrorcore Songs To Bump This Halloween


Mars is one of the bearers of the Horrorcore torch these days. When it comes to Horrorcore, he’s pretty much got it covered. He’s got the movement, the songs, and even the controversy. So, as Halloween descends upon us, we decided to go to this Bay area master of macabre. Oh, we definitely don’t co-sign this crazy music he’s promoting. If you are into it, check hm out at iTunes or Twitter.  And, with that, here is a list of some of the most horrifically insane rap songs with a Halloween swing.

1. Insane Clown Posse – “Sleepwalkers”

I remember when ICP first dropped this single for free at Hallowicked, an annual event they have had in Detroit for the last 20 years on Halloween. Had this on repeat for weeks. A song where Violent J chokes and murders people in his sleep while eating fast food? Genius. Easily one of my favorite ICP songs.

2. A-Wax – “Dead People”

I’m a huge fan of rappers from my area. A-Wax, who runs with Waka Flocka and Brock Squad, put this out on his Nightmare From Elm St mixtape series. I’m happy that there’s from the town that also enjoys rapping about murder and dead things. P-World.

3. X-Raided – “Witta Mask On”

The very first horrorcore song I’ve ever heard was X-Raided’s “Witta Mask on” from his second album on Black Market Records Xorcist. How can you not love this? Rapping over the phone, from prison, being convicted of murder, talking about the craziest s**t? I was hooked. The first record label I was signed to was Black Market Records years later. I even have a track with X-Raided on my Zodiac Mixtape where he raps a alternate version of the first verse of this song. Super f***in dope. Free X-Raided.

4. Kung Fu Vampire – “Dead Girls Don’t Say No”

Kung Fu Vampire is an artist from San Jose, CA signed to my record label Mad Insanity Records. Easily one of the most talented and driven artists doing “big fangs” out of the Bay. It’s Halloween, how can you not want to listen to a song about f***ing dead chicks? This Halloween night, if you’re chilling with a b#### that might not give up the cat, put this song on, and look her dead in the eyes. She may get the hint. She may get a restraining order…

5. Ganxsta NIP – “Horror Movie Rap”

One of the godfathers of the wicked s**t, Ganxsta NIP is possibly one of the strangest human beings I have ever befriended in my life. He is really bat s**t f**king crazy. In real life nuts. Which made working with him all the better. I’m pretty sure he wants to kill me. Signing him at one point in my career has always been a highlight. Props to NIP for teaching me how to be a psycho. With lines like “Woke up with a dead dog on me, so I thought, huh, bologna…” “Horror Movie Rap” has always been one of my favorites. Classic record.

6. K.F. Klik featuring Big Lurch – “Thrilla”

I don’t know who the f**k K.F. Klik is or was, but they are dope as f**k for this one. I came across this song a bunch of years ago searching for Big Lurch tracks on the internet. Big Lurch is in prison right now for wigging out on PCP and eating a his homegirl’s lung, and was arrested booty naked on the streets of LA covered in blood. Need I say more? Instant fan. I was actually his project manager for his album “It’s All Bad” on Black Market Records. When they wouldn’t let me have Pen & Pixel Graphics superimpose him holding a plate full of lungs and human ribs, I quit the label. Anyways, this is one of the hardest horror verses by him out there.

7. Esham – “The Wicked S**t Will Never Die”

East Side Hoes And Money. This is one of the hardest Esham tracks period. This list wouldn’t be complete without a track from Detroit Acid Rap pioneer’s 1994 album Closed Casket. The entire album from beginning to end is the s###. In fact, I would say this was one of the dopest years for horror rap history. So many dope albums dropped this year. It was around this time all of the artists who thought they invented this style of music found out about each other from different parts of the country. This was his darkest s**t. (Editor’s Note: Ganxta NIP says he is the creator off the Horrorcore genre.)

8.  Twiztid – “Blood… All I Need.”

One of the hardest groups in horrorcore in the last what… 20 years? Twiztid. This track was on their final Psychopathic Records release “Abominationz” which I believe was a f***ing masterpiece. Every track is ridiculously good. This album gets heavy rotation around here. Blood and guts is my s**t. Detroit has something in the water out there. No seriously, don’t drink the water there.

9. Brotha Lynch Hung – “Return Of The Baby Killa”

You can’t go wrong with a song that starts off with the tales of barrel f**king a girl and blowing her p***y guts all over the room. This man is responsible for making me believe there was no boundaries in my pen game. Baby killing and murder? You can thank Lynch for that one. In high school everyone had this tape. I think for the pure fact that I’ve probably owned this tape or CD like 10 times in my life that it went gold. People
would always take this CD out of your car for themselves if you left them alone. Parents would catch their kids listening to this, and toss their CD out. Then they would go buy new copies. Even the redneck s**t kicker cowboys at school would bump this in the parking lot. A must have.

10. Flatlinerz – “Live Evil”

In New York, the Flatlinerz, or more specific Russell Simmons’s nephew Jamal “Redrum” Simmons coined the word “Horrorcore”. When this video hit MTV the world was not ready. They are actually working on new material right now. When Marilyn Manson was asked about rap music in an interview, he said he wished horrorcore would make a comeback. This is who he was referring to. You got your wish you pale gothy weirdo.

11. Tech N9ne featuring Liquid Assassin – “Psycho B#### 2”

Tech N9ne is the King Of Darkness. In most of the songs on this list the artists portray themselves as the killer. Not this one. You know that one b**ch you bang out, and then slowly realize you might have f**ked up by giving her your real number? You know, the ones that add your baby momma on Facebook and are extra nice to her? Psycho B***hes. As an artist we all know these kinds of chicks all too well. This track features my dude Liquid Assassin from St. Paul, MN. He is one of my favorite people in the world to tour with. He absolutely kills his verse.

12. Geto Boys – “Assassins”

I’m pretty sure Ganxsta NIP wrote a lot of this (Editor’s note: Prince Johnny C is credited for writing most of “Assassins”), but this is one of the first horrorcore tracks out there if not the first, but then again the Fat Boys “Are You Ready For Freddy”, or Fresh Prince’s. “Nightmare On My Street” were both horror rap songs that came out the same year. I don’t know why but the line “I stabbed the girl in her t###” makes me giggle. F**king awesome.

13. Big L – “The Devil’s Son”

“When I was 12, I went to hell for snuffin Jesus,” – Nas in the sample. No, actually when I was 12, I got in trouble for being caught f######## a girl in my room. By my mom. What a c### block. In 1993 Big L dropped “The Devil’s Son”. Which was a year later after this incident. New York always had their own style of the wicked s**t. This was one was good money son. RIP Big L.

14. Boondox – “They Pray With Snakes” (Remix)

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Boondox over the years. He’s from Covington, Georgia and has a dope southern horrorcore steez on the Psychopathic Records imprint. If you watch Orange Is the New Black they used one of his songs at the end of the episode where Pennsatucky vowed to kill Piper. I’ve always liked this track of his and I would have to say this is one of his darkest.

15. Triple 6 – featuring Big Drawz “Grave Digger”

I was in High School when my best friend J RZ had this cassette in his car. I remember feeling like I was going to hell for even listening to this song. I immediately asked what tape this was. He said Triple 6. I spent 10 years looking for a copy. I only got one once I met ADR Lavey from the group and we started working on tracks together. He is the devil himself.
He took me to my first big studio to record. He showed me the world. I ended up on some of the dopest Bay Area compilations working with Triple 6 for years and consider them to be some of my best friends. Crazy right? I hope you listen to this song and feel like a sinner.

16. Insane Clown Posse – “Cemetery Girl”

One of my absolute favorites. This whole song is filled with Halloween Sound Effects samples. Mike E Clark did his thang on the production tip. A urban love story about a man and his girl. His dead girl. That they have to dig up from a Graveyard. I don’t think ICP realizes how much I look up to them, and  how much I appreciate them showing me the love they have over
the years. I grew up on their sIIt. If it wasn’t for ICP, I wouldn’t look the way I do, or grind as hard as I do now. Still a huge fan.

17. Necro – “Dead Body Disposal”

Necro is by far one of the most brutal hip-hop acts period. His production is some of the most sought after to hip-hop heads everywhere. If you ever kill somebody, listen close. He will tell you how to drain, cut up, and dispose of the body in this 2001 underground tutorial from his Gory Days album. I recently got to hook up with Necro after years of knowing him and
about him for a track on my upcoming mixtape “Locked Up A Broad”. Fresh.

19. Sicx – 9 Millametta

Now I know some people would be p##### that I put Sicx on here because he too – like many others is in prison for living the crazy s### he talked about – but I don’t give a f**k. This was some of the hardest s**t out here on the West Coast when I was growing up. “Should I waste her or should I just let ’em panic, or give birth to another human schizophrantic?” That siccness lives on.

20. Blaze Ya Dead Homie – “Maggot Face”

One of my favorite artists in the scene is Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Somebody murdered him back in the day, he came back to life and the rest is history. I imagine being a dead guy, the maggots can get annoying. I toured with him after he came back to life for my first real national tour ever. Dude took me to the f***in Grand Canyon and laced my boots with game. Forever props.