7 DMX Songs To Uplift The Dog In His Time Of Need


(AllHipHop Editorial) DMX has checked himself into a Southern California rehab center and the Hip-Hop community is praying collectively for the Yonkers emcee. The 46-year old, real name Earl Simmons, has had a prolonged, embattled struggle with drugs and mental illness (Bipolar disorder) which has played out in a very public manner.

I have been blessed to have interviewed DMX at several stages of his career, including the very beginning. DMX’s first influential album, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, came out the same year that AllHipHop was founded. Those were also my formative, scrappy years as a professional writer looking to make a mark in Hip-Hop. Through the years, I’ve seen first hand many of his great career highs and some lows as well. But, more than that, I’ve seen a fighter and a survivor.

DMX has continually wrestled with Bipolar disorder (once known as manic depression) and addiction, also a disease. Last year, he nearly died after a drug overdose and those near him have largely come to accept his issues as a part of his persona. However, this instance – lets reject that narrative. Lets send the Dog positive energy in this time of strife and hope that this marks the first step to wellness. With that, I’ve have compiled 7 of DMX’s own songs that have inspired millions and, perhaps, they will motivate Earl Simmons through this trial.

“I’m Slippin'”

At first this song seems to be a self-fulfilling proclamation until you hear the first lines DMX utters. “See to live is to suffer but to survive / Well, that’s to find meaning in the suffering,” DMX says before embarking on one of his more humble songs.

“Who We Be”

Over time people forget. Folks have forgotten all the accolades that DMX has amassed, the records he has broken, and even the power of his words, as media reports have cast a shadow. “Who We Be” will quickly serve as a reminder of how mighty DMX’s pen game is.

“Right Here”

“We ain’t goin’ anywhere…we right here.” – DMX

DMX has been in the rap game in a number of incarnations since the 1990’s. His first song was called “Born Loser,” but over 20 years later, through all the life struggles, inner demons and outer devils…he’s right here.

“What’s My Name?”

“What’s My Name” was one of DMX’s shiniest videos, but it was a great departure from the grit of his initial outings. It seemed to solidify his place in history.

“We In Here”

This is one of DMX’s later songs, but the dog proves he’s still got it and pops off accordingly.

“Stop Being Greedy”

This song is one of X’s finest. “I thank the Lord every day that I’m blessed with the gift,” he raps. But, “Stop Being Greedy” represents the polar opposites that rage within DMX – the good, the bad and grimy.

“Let Me Fly”

If you look at the comments under this song, you will see remarks like “this song is therapy” and “this got my through life.” There have been times when people joke about DMX, but forget Earl Simmons is a man that has survived countless ills. We need to support people in need, especially those with big hearts and great spirits. DMX is one of those people.

Chuck Creekmur is the owner of AllHipHop.com and DMX was one of his first professional interviews. He’s talked to the Dog through several incarnations of the rapper’s career. X even forced him to do a jail pose when he didn’t want to. LOL!