Access Granted: ‘This is Hot 97’ Cast Interviews


The personalities of New York’s, Hot 97, are challenging their collective creativity in the unscripted comedy, This Is Hot 97. Premiering on VH1 on March 31 at 10:30 PM ET/PT, the fresh series teams the fortified, Mona Scott-Young, et al, as executive producer.

As the radio’s curtain of semi-anonymity is snatched away, viewers are invited to witness the daily shenanigans which enliven the atmosphere of New York’s premiere radio station. Possessing the fruition of dreams fulfilled, this cast of co-workers have melded the boundary of friendships and have become a distinguished family.

Last night (March 24) New York’s, Gotham Comedy Club, hosted the event’s launch party. Following a catered screening, attendees were treated to clever comedy, delicious treats, and lifting Moscato spirits.

Granting access delivers this  concise cast interview:

On The Camera’s Unflinching Eye:

Ebro conveys, “It feels cool, man. We have cameras on every day when we do our regular sh*t. So, for us—um—it was actually a little bit freeing. We got to do more long-form crazy sh*t than what we can actually do on radio. And that’s why we wanted to do the program, is because we wanted people to see the kind of fun that we have around the hallways, and sh*t. Because, we have a good time fu*king around and talking sh*t.” That’s what we do all day.”

Rosenberg’s Rosy Perspective:

An effortless candor introduces his statement, “See, as you hear, Ebro, needs to curse every four to six seconds. You can’t do that on the radio! But with a recorded VH1 show, they can bleep when they need to. We can do whatever we need. He’s right though; it definitely freed us up to be ourselves in a way that—even though we tell our personal lives on the radio—you’re so limited in time that it’s kinda cool to play out more of ourselves on camera.”

Miss Info’s Insight Includes:

“It was terrifying—completely terrifying! I’m still terrified; I’m still shaking in my boots right now. I think that we embraced it the same way that we do with everything else. The scarier it is, probably the bigger payoff.  So, we all kinda had to be in [it] together and do it,” admits Hip-Hop’s chronicling veteran.

Laura Styles Says:

“And we had fun. We had a great time shooting it. I think it brought us all closer together—as friends, too,”