Behind The Scenes: Agallah At The Amazing AllHipHop Podcast

The Amazing AllHipHop Podcast with Agallah

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes images of The Amazing AllHipHop Podcasts with Agallah, Jigsaw and Slops in WonWorld.

Agallah Don Bishop has been one of the unheralded heroes of Hip-Hop for far too long. He’s a triple threat, with the unique ability to spit, rap and generally get it poppin’ like Orville. The Brownsville Bomber has been down and come back up several times over. Most of his resilience is rooted in his unique ability to rebrand and persevere thought numerous versions of Hip-Hop. Agallah’s story has never really been told, even though he has been affiliated with a plethora of greats like EPMD, Dip Set, Sean Price and others. So, given the opportunity, he pulled up to the Amazing AllHipHop Podcast at WonWorld studios and talked to Chuck Creekmur aka Jigsaw and Slops. Click here for the full interview and check out some BTS pictures by Tiana @Iamcomplex