Agallah Talks Brooklyn Roots, His Links To Griselda, Sean Price, Dip Set And His Re-Rise In 2022


Agallah has been around a long time and lived through many eras of Hip-Hop. He’s still here with a new album. He talks about his time with Dip Set, Sean Price and that Griselda situation.

For hardcore rap enthusiasts, Agallah’s name rings bells. The BK native started off as 8-Off The Assassin, but as the 90s faded into the 2000s, he underwent a total rebrand. He game up with Sean Price and Mike Tyson and evolved into a Dip Set affiliate Purple City Byrdgang.

Agallah “The Don Bishop” was a vet by the time he turned 21, working with Alchemist, DJ Premier, Alchemist, Sadat X, Ras Kass and more like EPMD. to name a few. The Brownsville, Brooklyn native has lived the life of a journey man, MC and producer for most of his career. The names and affiliations do not tell the full story.

In 2022, there is much more to the Brownsville bomber, and his work rate has been proof of that. In recent times, he had a vegan beef with Griselda, but more importantly, he’s overcome a lot of life adversity. Now, he’s got a new album The Year Of The Tiger that will put his career in perspective. The album features Terror Van PooSupreme CerebralGrea8GawdFashawnSkip Lyve & Bub Styles and even the late Michael K. Williams.

The legend himself – in a NY Yankees fitted and classic Los Angeles coat no less – pulled up to The Amazing AllHipHop Podcast with Jigsaw and Slops to talk the past, present and future at WonWorld Studios.