All Access Music's Winning Duo Buda Da Future and Grandz Muzik Talk DJ Young Guru and Big Payoffs

The All Access Music Conference or (AAMC) is a unique conference that combines music industry experts with up and coming musical talents to create a flavorful musical event peppered with education, excellence, and understanding for all involved. It is a rare conference in that it was formulated by veterans of various important major label enterprises. […]

The All Access Music Conference or (AAMC) is a unique conference that combines music industry experts with up and coming musical talents to create a flavorful musical event peppered with education, excellence, and understanding for all involved.

It is a rare conference in that it was formulated by veterans of various important major label enterprises. These industry titans also possess experience in the A&R realm which creates a win-win for all involved. The AAMC music competitions are not to be missed, so checked in with two of its recent winners – Buda Da Future and Grandz Muzik – who are making their mark as sought-after producers: First off, congratulations on your win! That is completely impressive! How did you guys hear about the contest and then go about entering it in the first place?

Grandz Muzik: Thank you! We’re graciously humbled by this win! The competition was fierce, and we were up against some impressive producers. We heard about the event through Walter Randolph; he reached out to us and encouraged us to participate. Our hard work and collaborative efforts were recognized. The All Access Music Conference is the very best music conference out there for up and coming producers. What is different about this conference that makes you guys feel that way?

Grandz Muzik: We don’t think that just because we won it either! We feel that way because there are a lot of bogus conferences out there that take advantage of artists and producers, but this one doesn’t do that. They really come through on what they promise. We are proud to have been a part of it whether we won or not. Buda, I recall you telling a really amazing story about how you got started in the industry and production game. If I remember correctly, you said it had something to do with being inspired from a meeting with Young Guru. Would you care to let the readers hear about how he inspired you, and what it all means to you at this special moment in your career?

Buda Da Future: One fall NYC day, before I even knew what a MPC was, I went to meet my good friend, The Hitmen/Platinum Boy Music Inc. producer Amadeus, at zomba studios. It was my first experience in a recording studio, and it was a session with Amadeus, the rapper Shellz from the Bx, and the legendary engineer/DJ Young Guru . I was amazed at the atmosphere, the vibe, and all of the equipment.

Young Guru

The session was for a new EA sports game called “FIGHT NIGHT”, and Amadeus was producing the theme song to the video game. As soon as I sat down, I began to watch and observe. I had to ask questions after an hour of watching Guru and Amadeus go to work. From the jump, Young Guru was super cool, and when I started asking questions about the recording process, Guru was very receptive to me and began giving me advice on engineering and production through out the whole session. We were going back and forth about our favorite times in Hip-Hop, and he was shared some of his experiences in the game. I can’t front just him building throughout the session and explaining his experiences in the game got me inspired to the utmost, and it changed my life forever. Not to mention watching what Amadeus did with his crazy production during that session. It was amazing to see Guru add his expertise mixing.

That 12-hour session changed my life forever. The very next day I thought I was dreaming, like I hadn’t really been there! But it was real! Real enough to even make me decide to quit my job! I had a good paying job after high school, but I had the urge to start a new path in Audio Engineering and Music Production. My family thought I was buggin’ – well, with the exception of my grandma. My grandmother was extremely supportive. I also had a few friends who supported me, too.

I decided to enroll in the Institute Of Audio Research in NYC also known as IAR. The very first day of class I met my brother, Grandz Muzik. Our group Voltron was formed. The days turned to months, and while we were in school, we got our first placement. Our very first time hearing someone on one of our tracks was a 50 Cent song called “Paper Chaser”. That placement created a monster! We thanked God for every opportunity. But once again, if it wasn’t for Amadeus inviting me to that session and having that life changing conversation with Young Guru, who knows where we’d be? (laughter) But I’m grateful for every moment, and super grateful for meeting my brother, Grandz Muzik! That is quite a story, sir. Thanks for telling it again, Buda! OK, so Grandz, given the whirlwind that you guys have been enveloped in since you first got started in your careers, I’m sure there have been a lot of amazing moments that you have experienced along the way. What are a few of your favorites so far?

Grandz Muzik: Yes, there have been many moments which stand out; winning the UMA Producers of the Year in 2011 at BB Kings was surreal! The fans voted on this win, so it really was a testament to our hard work, and it showed! This win showed us how many supporters we have out there, including family and friends who encourage us every day to keep winning.
Being a guest judge on “106 and Park” on BET was an awesome experience. To be seen on national television was a huge moment for us. It was definitely a reality check; a proud moment. Anyone who has seen you working either in the studio, judging beat battles, on TV, or speaking at music conferences can see there is a unique friendship between the two of you and a loyalty that can’t be sabotaged. How important do you feel your friendship has been in getting you through the rougher periods so that you could find your way to where you are today?

Buda Da Future: Our friendship is beyond the “music or entertainment industry.” Grandz is the brother I never had. I wouldn’t want to be a producer if Grandz was not my teammate. He’s my left hand, and I’m a righty. I consider him family. Words can’t describe how Grandz and his family have been there for me. This bond is beyond music or legal tender.

Grandz Muzik: Since day one, we have had mutual respect for one another, we share many common interests. Working together for almost a decade has really brought us together on a very personal level. Our friendship goes way beyond music. Our families connect and are huge supporters of what we do, we see each other on a regular basis, and we work as a team. At first it was rough juggling our occupations, family schedules, and personal responsibilities; but our strong bond allowed us to compromise our hectic schedules to make sure the beats didn’t slow down…we are finally starting to see our hard work pay off, and I can’t thank anyone but Buda. We inspire one another, always have. Jumping back to the contest for a moment, $15,000 is a lot of money. What does winning the $15,000 prize mean for your immediate future and your ability to do what you love?

Buda Da Future: It allows us to continue to work hard and make sure to complete our obligation to give back to Hip-Hop. We always want to give quality music, and do our part to preserve the culture – this will help that.

Grandz Muzik: We feel extremely blessed to win this contract. Faith and prayer are part of our everyday lives. Some major upgrades are due and necessary. Certain personal matters can finally be taken care of. What advice if any would you give to other young producers out there who are trying to get their music to the industry?

Buda Da Future: Build a brand! Be a visionary and show love and inspire the next person to do better. There’s a lot of musicians, producers and artists with the same mission to make history while making a great living, so stay positive and spread the love if you have the ability to help someone. And always keep GOD first.

Grandz Muzik: Believe in yourself, have patience but stay confident, work hard at your craft; mentally invest in furthering your education, keep family first, and keep striving! Those familiar with you know, that you guys are all about being positive and giving back, what roll does this play in your lives both musically and personally?

Buda Da Future: Musically, I believe that being positive and keeping good karma in your actions and movements will help you advance conscientiously and in life. It continues to bless you in everything you do. Personally, I was raised in a rough background but was extremely loved by both my parents and have very good friends.

Grandz Muzik: It plays a big role. We believe in always giving back; we strongly believe that positive energy creates positive results! As a father, my children keep me grounded, and that enables me to be a better role model for all the young, up and coming producers. Education is the key for our future generation. Keep music alive in schools! What’s up next for Grandz Muzik and Buda Da Future?

Buda Da Future: Everything! More production, more room to grow as producers. We learn and get inspired everyday, so it means more projects. Each learning experience is a stepping stone to greatness, so we just gotta put in work, and we are prepared and qualified to do that! You will hear more from us, God willing.

Grandz Muzik: We are currently working with a very talented singer/writer by the name of Katt Rockell; we are working on an album with her. We continue to work with Fred The Godson, a tremendous artist; he’s family. Look out for our track on his new mixtape, Gordo Federico featuring Fat Joe! We are working with Joe Buddens, and of course, our Geffen Interscope family! If someone is interested in working with you guys, how should they go about it? And how can people keep up with you in general, be it online or otherwise?

Buda Da Future: They can contact us directly via Twitter – @BudaDaFuture and @GrandzMuzik, and for all other music inquiries, holla at @Wayno119.

Be on the lookout for new projects dropping soon from Buda Da Future and Grandz Muzik.

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