And It’s Good!: Rapper Big Pooh Talks Embracing the Struggle and Going Sporty


Rapper Big Pooh, a former member of the North Carolina group Little Brother with 9th Wonder and Phonte, has long been a welcomed voice within the collective existence of Hip-Hop. Long since his 2005 debut on Sleepers, this distinguished gentleman is finding himself in a league of his own with a new job, a new project, and a new outlook.

Check out’s sit down with Big Pooh, where we found out how justice defines his career on all fronts these days: Before we get started about the music, I understand that congratulations are in order! Would you care to tell the readers about the new gig?

Big Pooh: Definitely! Thank you. I just signed on to write for I’m contributing to the NBA section talking about the Washington Wizards mainly. By most accounts that job is perfectly suited for you, so what role have sports played in your life?

Big Pooh: Sports have taught me a lot about life. The main thing, learning how to work with others. I’m also a competitive person, so it is only natural that I love sports, right? Absolutely! [laughter] OK, so now about the new project, what was your inspiration behind it, and what would you like your fans to take away from it?

bigpooh-2Big Pooh: My main inspiration behind this album was just moving forward. I personally have, honestly, begun a new chapter in my life artistically, and wanted to share that with people that support me. If it’s one thing I would like for them to take away from the this album is to embrace struggle and move forward. It’s part of life’s process. Wow, that’s dope. Alright, so who did you collab with on it?

Big Pooh: This album was produced by Astronote. Astronote is a talented producer out of Orleans, France. The only songs he didn’t produce were “Cognac”, which was done by longtime collaborator, Focus, and “Where I Am”, which was produced by Mell and Dee. Feature-wise, I have Thurz, Fashawn, Blakksoul, Big Sant, King Mez, Lute, Scolla, and, of course, the home team, Chaundon, Joe Scudda, and Jozeemo. So, is there anyone that you haven’t gotten to work with yet that you really want to work with?

Big Pooh: It’s mainly producers on my wish list at this point. I still want to work with DJ Premier, DJ Quik, and Pharrell. And will we be seeing a tour or videos to support the new project?

Big Pooh: Definitely. I actually have the video for “Friends” ready to go. Shooting a video for “Cognac” and “Exercise In Futility” soon. “Where I Am” is in the editing phase ,and shooting “Preface” as well. As far as touring, we are working on a few things to do a little bit of touring in 2013, so be on the lookout for that. What’s next up for Big Pooh?

Big Pooh: Working on more music. I have a few artist that I’m helping to develop. Diving more into the world of sports. How can the fans keep up with you sir?

Big Pooh: Fans can catch me on Twitter (@RapperBigPooh). They can catch me on the new MySpace (yes, it’s attempting to make a comeback and I’m on board) at RapperBigPooh. They can catch me decoding my lyrics on Rap Genius, and the website,, should be coming, finally.