Annimeanz Wonders Why More Mexicans Aren’t Embraced By Hip-Hop


Annimeanz is back and he’s not mincing his words at all.

Annimeanz is a successful artist of Mexican descent, even though he is decidedly Los Angeles. But, that does not tell the whole story about him, as an independent artist. He makes classic West Coast music, highly influenced by the lyricists of the East Coast and the cultural hodge podge makes for a very unique individual.

Annimeanz, derivative of “by any means,” impresses as somebody that has little to lose and everything to gain. He does not mince his words politically, a Donald Trump supporter that rejects both Biden and Harris. He ponders why Hip-Hop does not show more love to Mexican rap artists, recognizing the impact Latinos have had on the culture. Moreover, he backs his views up, tool and nail. “The relationship between Black and Latinos is not equal,” he said “You will never seen a Black artist playing for a feature, putting them on their albums. In my opinion, the Mexican artist is always searching and chasing the acceptance from the Black artist that the are not getting.”

But Annimeanz’s politics and opinions mask things like his drive to succeed.

His dad was in jail for 95% of most of his young life and his mother came up hard. After going through some the hood rituals, he came into Hip-Hop in the Cudahy section of LA. With a huge “Devils” tat on the top of his head, representative of his clique, he’s lived through a number of incarnations. Now a man of God, he’s no longer in the street. “All Glory goes to the one true God…once you understand the part that God plays in your life, you fall in line,” he said. And yet, he learned honor from dope boys.

Annimeanz talks to AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur about his come up,his bold business moves and where his indie hustle is taking him. Cudahy Dopeboy 3 is out now and he’s already working on the next one.

A no-holds barred convo. Check it out.