BankRoll Buna Joins Forces With Fivio Foreign & 10k Mula In Brooklyn Drill Takeover

bankroll buna

BankRoll Buna is the latest in a long line of Brownsville legends and he’s teaming up with Fivio Foreign & 10k Mula is efforts to cement himself in the Drill Music Hall Of Fame.

 By Slops Shot Ya

Brooklyn native, BankRoll Buna is next in line to bear the torch of today’s cultural phenomena Drill music. The RiteorWrong Entertainment artist began gaining traction with his debut single “WOOO BABY” ft K.i and 10k Mula, which garnished over 70k views on the visuals in less than a month. BankRoll continued to spawn hits like “Pressure,” and his most viral single, “Watch Your Step”, which has over 400k views on Youtube. He just dropped a new song with Fivio Foreign, “All For The Wooo” – respectfully.

Buna’s rawness and authenticity are ever-apparent in his latest project ‘Wooo Ghannistan’. The project debuts a tracklist that conveys a storytelling atmosphere that describes who he is, where he comes from, and what shaped him into the man he is today. From “Soul of Mellz” memorializing fallen brothers, to the upbeat tempo in “Bacon Egg and Cheese” Buna is bound to deliver the next anthem for the streets. You can check out his latest work on all major streaming services, including Apple Music and Spotify.