Beanie Sigel: Ma Sigel Speaks

Michelle Brown is not as removed from Hip-Hop as many Rap star mothers. As Beanie Sigel’s mom, she has supported him through court cases, album releases, and everything negative and positive that Beans has endured over the last few. Check it as Ms. Brown tells who is really holding Beanie down – and who […]

Michelle Brown is not as removed from Hip-Hop as many Rap star mothers. As Beanie Sigel’s mom, she has supported him through court cases, album releases, and everything negative and positive that Beans has endured over the last few.

Check it as Ms. Brown tells who is really holding Beanie down – and who isn’t. Get a good description of the forthcoming, heavily talked about album, and one more opinion on the decision that Beanie will make: ‘Def Jam or Dame?’ Rarely will you see a Hip-Hop mom as involved as this, read up. How does it feel to promote your son’s project?

MB: Well, being that he is my son, and the situation calls for that, I mean it’s not the greatest situation to be in. But if it means picking up the pieces when right now he can’t, I have no problem with that. I wouldn’t have a problem with it in the sales, because of how I feel with the sales with the last two albums he did. His first album should have gone platinum it was truthfully the truth. Is he in general population?

MB: No, being that he is in the hole, he is not in general population. But that’s what he supposed to be release back into, general population. Do you have any idea how the inmates treat him, he has a reputation on the street level, on his first album he had a song that was so vivid…

MB: “What Ya Life Like.” It’s funny that you said that, because he was just talking about that the other day. He said, “See how things happen, on my first album [I] was saying what ya life like,” and it was in reference to being incarcerated. A lot of rappers seem to prophesize what’s going to happen. Are they making it happen or is that the way things go.

MB: I’m going to be honest with you. I really don’t think he was trying to prophesize on being there when he could be out here with his family. He’s just accepting the situation because that’s how it is now. But truth be told, I’m 100 percent sure that he wasn’t saying that because he actually knew or wanted to be there. Being his mother, what is your take on all of the charges?

MB: You know sitting there each day in court, while he was there, and listening to the testimony and the trolley the only thing that I can say about that, is that he pleads guilty to it. How much more can I say prior to that, I would say maybe it didn’t go exactly how they said, because I’ve known him all my life, and I know the type of person he is. But when you sit there and listening to what’s coming out of his mouth. What can I say, that there’s just a small part of him that I really don’t know. The Beanie that was described in the case, is not Dwight…

MB: No, nowhere near, and if you were to ask anyone that is close to him, they would say no. What kind of person is he to you?

MB: He’s a big kid, he’s a grown man, but he’s a big kid. He’s fun-loving, caring, has a heart of gold. If he were violating, I would come back and tell the judge, because I know it would hurt him in the long run. I would rather see him sit for a little while, than to sit for the rest of his life, or maybe not even be here. Is State Property still together?

MB: No, State Property is not still together. If I were to express how I feel about that situation, you would think I was a bitter women, but it’s not so. It’s because I’ve experienced that situation first hand. He was instrumental about getting them their deal, and getting them into the industry. To me, with that situation there’s no loyalty. The only one out the whole crew who has even written him a letter was Oschino. These are grown men, and given situation with Roc-A-Fella and Def Jam, and the selling of Roc-A-Fella, they’re grown men so they are free to make their own choices. So if they go on to say, “I wanna go on with Roc-A-Fella/ Def Jam,” fine you do what you think is best for your self, for your family, and your situation, but given the situation with that you would not even been sign, I feel that they should have found some type of contact, some kind of way. At least say, “Beanie, what do you think about the situation?” and none of that was done. I witnessed the guys come and put their feet under my table, eat my food, watch Beans sit there, dig his pockets helping them with their family, when they didn’t have the money to do so. Beanie wanted his fiancée to give up her place where she lived for one of the State Property guys. Because their girl was having a baby, and it was a little too crowded in their house, and he wanted her to give up her place so they could have a place to live. Knowing at the time, they wouldn’t be able to handle the lease on the place at the time. Plus, Beanie was willing to take care of that just so that they would be comfortable. They haven’t even written him a letter, or dropped him a dime. I feel some type of way about that; [Peedi] Crack wasn’t even going to be signed to Roc-A-Fella. Beanie flew all the way over to Miami to convince Dame to sign Crack, because he wanted to look out for some of the guys from the Philadelphia area. Is it true that he has another case coming up?

MB: He’s being retried on the first case because it was a hung jury. How do you feel about this album?

MB: I think you see another side of Beanie. Because basically, his first two album were hardcore street life, and he has some cuts on this album that shows a different side of him that makes you sit down and think. You know, “Feel it in the Air” it gives you something to think about. There’s a few cuts on there where it’s like he’s telling a story. What made him go with Dame when he was originally under Jay-Z?

MB: I’m going to give you my opinion on the situation. I don’t think that it was a choice with Jay and Dame, Its Roc-A-Fella or Dame. I haven’t heard a confirmation on whether he staying with Roc-A-Fella or going with Dame. In my opinion of thing, I believe that he should go with Dash Music Group. Dame has been more than just an employer or boss, he’s been a true friend. He’s been family to him. He showed him – beyond anything – that he has his best interest at heart. He’s in his corner, and that he has his back. “You fell now, but you are going to get back up and walk. Since you’ve fallen, I’m there to step in on any level and pick up the pieces and carry them like you would.” This goes as far as his children, as far as his sons, his family, his business – Dame has stepped in and kept it moving just like as if Bean wasn’t away. To find somebody like that, why wouldn’t that be your choice? What final words do you have to the people?

MB: That regardless of what the media says, get to know a person first- before you pass judgment on them. Because any one that knows Beanie, knows that he is a good person. This is the type of person that you would want to be around.